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Managing Postpartum in Coronavirus

4-Week Support Group for Pregnant Moms and Parents in the Postpartum Phase

Do You Need This Group? 

This online support group particularly benefits any parent in the postpartum phase, which includes those currently pregnant or with children from 0-2 years old. However, if you answer yes to any of these questions then you will likely benefit from this group.

  • Are you pregnant and have anxiety about the upcoming birth of your child? 
  • Do you have a history of postpartum and feel your symptoms are back? 
  • Have you already given birth and now feel increasingly anxious, depressed, or stressed and don’t know how to handle these feelings? 
  • Do you feel like your social supports are now hard to reach?
  • Do you feel like you need to know more about how to manage and learn increased emotional regulation skills in your mental health in the 4th trimester IN GENERAL, let alone during a pandemic?
  • Do you feel like your partner just doesn’t get you right now?

How Can This Group Help? 

  • Group members will gain a better understanding of what postpartum (the different types, yup, more than just depression) and the 4th trimester are.
  • How to use coping skills to manage thoughts and symptoms during postpartum.
  • How to effectively communicate needs and utilize social supports, even in a time of social distancing.
  • What mindfulness is and what it does to the brain (it’s magic), and why to use this technique. 
  • The value of self-care. This isn’t just bubble baths and essential oils ladies (but those are good too). 

Other Questions You May Have: 

  • How do I get to this group? 
    • This group will be held in an online setting called Zoom! We’re using a very HIPAA (Confidential!) platform that keeps everyone still nice and safe. I will send out links to the group for everyone prior to our meeting. 
  • How long is each session? 
    • Each group session will be 1 hour long.
  • Can my partner attend with me? 
    • Absolutely!

Group Details:

Cost: $20 per mother for the group
When: Thursdays starting April 16th from 11 AM – 12 PM
Who: Moms who are pregnant and parents in the postpartum phase (0-2)

The group will last four weeks (April 16-May 12)

To RSVP, please email or call at (616) 929-0248


Amanda Martin Grand Rapids Ada Counselor

Amanda Martin, LMSW

Amanda knows that coming to therapy can be tough. She will put you at ease within minutes. Amanda works with people that have experienced trauma, are struggling with substance use, and with new mommas and poppas being impacted by pregnancy-related concerns! She loves using EMDR, just ask her about it!