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Spring into Less Stress: Teen Group on Managing Anxiety


Let’s talk about anxiety. Equipping teens with practical skills to combat stress in their lives sets them up for success. This 5-week virtual series for high school students will teach coping skills and provide a space for teens to process anxiety they are experiencing. 

Is This Group Right for My Teen?

  • Is your teen experiencing common symptoms of anxiety? Then, yes!
  • Is your teen overwhelmed and irritable? Then, yes! 
  • Is your teen interested in learning skills to manage anxiety? Then, yes! 
  • Could your teen benefit from talking to peers who experience anxiety too? Then, yes!

Common Questions You May Have:

Do parents attend this group?

Nope! This is a group for teens to meet with students their own age.

Are all genders welcome?

Absolutely! Any student from 9th to 12th grade is welcome to attend.

What if we have other questions?

Give us a call at 616-929-0248 or send us an email at
We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have!

Group Details:

Who: High school students grades 9-12.

What: A therapy group to learn concrete coping skills to help manage anxieties, big and small.

Where: Online via Zoom. We will send out a link prior to each session.

When: Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm to 7:00pm beginning February 16th until March 16th

Why: Teens are experiencing higher levels of anxiety than ever before. Especially after living through a pandemic this last year, we want teens to be equipped with knowledge to help them manage the stressors they encounter. 

Cost: $30 for all 5 weeks. To RVSP for your high-schooler, please email or call 616-929-0248


sarah hiemstra, therapist, grand rapids

Sarah Hiemstra is a Master’s Level Intern at Lifeologie. She loves working with teens and helping them navigate the struggles and joys of adolescence. Sarah is passionate about helping clients overcome barriers in their lives and learn skills to help them succeed. To find out more about Sarah, check out her biography

Sarah Confer is a counselor in Ada, Michigan

Sarah Confer is a Master’s Level Intern at Lifeologie. She understands that discovering your identity, and creating meaning for yourself is a huge project, but that it can also be one of life’s most exciting pursuits – even though it’s terrifying sometimes! Sarah specializes in working with older teens and adults to find their own path and work out life’s challenges.