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There’s Yoga for That: A 4-week Virtual Yoga Series for Tweens & Teens

Calling all tweens and teens 11-17. 

Life feels confusing right now. You’re probably ready to see your friends and go… well anywhere! Talking with a face mask is uncomfortable, your eyes hurt from school being online, and all normalcy feels like it’s out of the window!  Thankfully, there’s yoga for that! This group will provide you with a 45-minute escape into movement, breathing, and guided visualization!

Is This Group Right For My Tween/ Teen?

  • Is your tween/teen going through a Pandemic and feeling confused? Then, yes! 
  • Would your tween/teen benefit from more emotional regulation skills (like all humans)? Then, yes! 
  • Is your teen experiencing higher than normal stress levels? Then, yes!
  • Does your tween/teen feel isolated and could benefit from seeing other tweens/teens (via zoom)? Then, yes!

Whether your teen is interested in gaining more skills for overall wellness, managing big feelings better, or just learning more about yoga, this group is for them! It is more important than ever to set aside intentional time to connect and care for themselves! The skills learned in this group are ones that will follow your tween/teen for the rest of their lives. 

Each group will consist of a movement practice, breathing exercises, and a guided visualization. Yoga for teens is different because it consists of smaller sequences built into one hour of movement. This is designed to keep your teen’s attention and focus! 

How Can This Yoga Group Help? 

In 4 weeks, your tween/teen will learn:

  • What yoga is and how it can help them (focus, concentration, letting go)
  • Many different yoga poses
  • How to use breathing as a coping skill
  • What mindfulness is and how to do it 
  • How to have a stronger relationship with themselves

Common Questions You May Have:

  • Do the parents attend?
    • This is just a time for your tween/teen to connect to themselves and the other group members. 
  • Are all genders welcome?
    • Yes! 
  • What should my tween/teen wear?
    • Wear comfortable clothes, like leggings or shorts and a t-shirt 
  • What if my Tween/Teen doesn’t want others to see them doing yoga?
    • You are welcome to hide your screen so others cannot see you! Everyone will be muted but I will have the chat up if someone has questions about what to do!
  • What if we have more questions?
    • Give me a call at 616-929-0248 or shoot me an email at

Group Details

Who: This is a group for middle and high school students ages 11-17. 

What: Yoga! 45 minutes of it! This includes movement, breathing, and guided visualizations.

Where: Online via Zoom! I will send out a link prior to each session.

When: Wednesday mornings from 10-10:45am via Zoom. Group will begin on June 10th and go until July 1st!

Why: Times are confusing. But thankfully, there’s yoga for that! 

Cost: $20 for all four weeks. To RSVP for your tween/teen, please email or call at 616-929-0248

About your instructor:

Marissa Wilson is a counselor at Lifeologie Grand Rapids in Ada, MI

Marissa Wilson is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) at Lifeologie. She teaches psychotherapeutic yoga and works with adolescents to help them be themselves. Marissa believes that every person (including tweens/teens) already has what they need to heal, but sometimes our “okay-ness” gets stuck under layers of self-protection and hurt. To find out more about Marissa, check out her biography.