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In our blog, you’ll be able to read more about the common reasons people work with a professional counselor. In addition, you’ll find information on events and classes available at our facility in Ada, MI or in and around our community.  For more information on anything you read or view, give us a call at (616) 929-0248.

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Hiking and Mental Health group for high schoolers
Mental Health and Hiking:
A Summer Group For High Schoolers
(July 18, 19, 21, & 22)
Workshop for understanding your child's ADHD
Understanding My Child’s ADHD: Parenting Workshop (6/13, 7/11, 8/8)
Books that help kids process their big feelings
How can you support your child with BIG feelings?
Grieving during the holidays
Grieving During the Holidays
Surviving the Holidays with tips from Lifeologie Grand Rapids counselor Sarah Hiemstra
Surviving the Holidays
greiving without death
Grieving Without Death
“Oh The Places You’ll Go!” By Dr. Seuss… How we can apply this book to real life
“Oh The Places You’ll Go!” By Dr. Seuss… How we can apply this book to real life
Setting boundaries in the age of social media for kids
Boundaries in the Age of Social Media
Common questions about ADHD testing, which is provided at Lifeologie Grand Rapids
6 Most Common Questions About ADHD Testing
what is anxiety and how to deal with it
Is This Anxiety?
Find your path in the place you live
Find Your Path In The Place You Live
five fabulous fat facts
5 Fabulous Fat Facts
common responses to a sexual assault
5 Common Responses to a Sexual Assault
how to create a mindfulness routine
Creating a Mindfulness Practice
Why am I so sad? Is my grieving normal?
Is My Grief Normal? A Closer Look at the Elephant in the Room
Tips for improving relationship in pandemic
Appreciating Your Partner During COVID
Grand Rapids Counseling opens Cascade location
2nd Grand Rapids Location Open Now
Four tips on playing with your kids
4 Tips on How to Play with Your Kids
Make 2021 your year with your values
How to Make 2021 Your Year….According to Your Values!
dealing with racial trauma
4 Ways to Manage Race-Related Stress in the Age of #BLM
Do I need a new career?
Is It Time For a New Career?
Four steps to get in touch with your spiritual side
4 Steps to Get in Touch With Your Spiritual Side 
Does my kid have adhd? What are the signs?
Does My Child Have ADHD?
2020 College Survival Guide
College Survival Guide 2020: Incorporating Healthy Strategies into Your Daily Life
counselor for imposter syndrome
What I think Others Know: Impostor Syndrome
How do you ask about suicide
How to talk to someone if you think they’re suicidal
How to pick the right counselor in Grand Rapids
Finding the Right Therapist
Couples Counseling in Grand Rapids Michign
My Partner Won’t Go to Counseling with Me, and I Know We Need Help
reconnect with yourself sexually
Reconnecting with your sexual side
how to cope with the new school year
How to Talk to your Child about the Upcoming School Year
teen coping skills and strength building
Taking a Step Back: What Coronavirus taught us about Coping Skills and Strengths
How to get what you want in your relationship
How to Strive for More in Your Relationship
How Self-Compassion Can Be An Effective Path To Happiness Counselor
Appreciating Our Good Side. How Self-Compassion Can Be An Effective Path To Happiness
Grand Rapids Couples Counseling
Are We Ready for Couples Counseling?
yoga poses for quarantine
5 Yoga Poses for Teens to Clear their Mind During Quarantine
find an emdr therapist in grand rapids michigan
How to Cope through Coronavirus: Techniques from an EMDR Therapist
Feeling Cooped up at Home
Cooped Up With Your Partner And It’s Not Going Too Well…?!
6 tips to better communication with your kids during quarantine
Communicating with our kids about Coronavirus
how to deal with kid behaviors during quarantine
Weird behaviors in kids during Coronavirus
6 tips for better conversations during quarantine
How to Handle Conflict Well During Quarantine
find a divorce support counselor in grand rapids
COVID-19: Impact on Families and Divorce
tips for parenting during the coronavirus
Parents of Little Children Surviving Coronapocalypse Together
Coping with grief or loss during coronavirus quarantine
Coronapocalypse: The Grief Edition
How mindfulness reduces stress
Stress is Eating Your Brain! How Mindfulness Can Help You Through The Corona Stress.
Remote counseling sessions are available in grand rapids
When nothing is normal what is a normal response?   
strengthen relationship during quarantine
9 Ways to Strengthen your Relationship During Quarantine
How to manage anxiety from coronavirus
Coronavirus Anxiety Party
Collaborative divorce counselor in Grand Rapids Michigan
Collaborative Divorce
how to stop arguing with your husband wife
How to Avoid Starting an Argument with your Spouse
5 ways to deal with stress during the holidays
How to Actually Enjoy your Holiday: 5 Ways to Manage Your Stress Through the Chaos
find a counselor in grand rapids for trauma recovery using emdr therapy
An Introduction to EMDR Therapy
Running is effective stress reliever for teens and adults
Why I Run
Talk to your parents about going to a teen counselor
How to Talk to Your Parents About Seeing a Counselor
Challenges of being a new parent and working with your spouse
Transitioning from Partner to Teammate After Welcoming a New Baby
counseling for post partum depression in Ada Grand Rapids Michigan
Postpartum Anxiety: The Other Postpartum
how men can cope with emotions after the big game
Dealing with emotions after the game
how to keep the spark alive in your marriage...dream together
The Importance of Dreaming Together
Teen avoiding going to school in Grand Rapids MI
Why is my Teen Avoiding School?
free viewing of LIKE in forest hills, MI hosted by Katie Z
LIKE Video – Free Viewing
how to keep teens safe online
Who is Following your Teen?
find a counselor in grand rapids or ada MI for post-partum depression
Postpartum Depression & PMADs
What should you do about your teen vaping?
My Teen is Vaping! What Now?
what should I do after spouse cheats on me?
I’ve been cheated on. What’s next?
August in Ada! is a free family event at Ada Township Park in Ada, MI
Rounding Out the Summer with Our Kids
Shame free way to get kids to limit video game time.
How to get your Teen to Stop Playing Video Games; The Shame-Free Way
dealing with personal shame for men
10 Rules Men Must Break
My first pregnancy story
What no one tells you about pregnancy
divorce counselor in grand rapids MI
Splitting the Family: Less Pain for the Kids?
Living in the Moment in Grand Rapids MI
Living in the Moment
What to tell your kids about divorce?
Divorce: How Much to Tell the Kids
Yoga for kids in Grand Rapids MI
Why Yoga is Good for Your Kids
find trauma counselor in grand rapids or Ada MI
What is Trauma
Reduce anxiety and stress with mantras
How to use Mantras to Transform your Thoughts and Life
counselor for teen anxiety issues in Ada Michigan
10 Signs My Teen is Struggling with Anxiety
My kid is being bullied
Is Your Child Being Bullied? Tips for Finding Out
How to talk to kids about school shootings
How to Talk to Your Kids About School Violence
pre marital counseling forest hills MI
What is talked about in premarital counseling
Pre marriage counseling grand rapids
Pre-marital Counseling and Why You Need It
Addressing Problem Behavior in Kids: Tips from Children’s Therapist Katie Z
depression symptoms
Is It Depression?