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Sarah Confer

Sarah Confer is a counselor in Ada, Michigan
Sarah Confer
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Childhood Abuse Recovery, Depression, Failure to Launch, Grief & Loss, Religious Issues, Stress Management, Tweens & Teens, Women's Issues

Looking for a therapist who isn’t afraid to be creative? Who can help you navigate heavy, complicated, sticky life stuff? Sarah is your girl! 

An ‘east-sider turned west-sider’, Sarah was born in Flint, and moved to Grand Rapids to study art at Grand Valley State University. She soon discovered that she enjoyed learning more about her classmates and how their projects spoke about their identity, aspirations, and unique struggles. Realizing that ‘human’ was its own artistic medium, Sarah began studying psychology alongside her ceramics studio work and continued the pursuit of this interest in graduate school. Sarah is currently a Life Coach with Lifeologie Grand Rapids, working towards her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling at Aquinas University. 

Sarah understands that discovering your identity, and creating meaning for yourself is a huge project, but that it can also be one of life’s most exciting pursuits (even when it’s scary). At many of life’s crossroads, we are forced to question who we are and what we believe in. Sometimes we find that the answer is something we weren’t expecting or aren’t ready to accept. Sarah believes that each person has the strength to move beyond even the toughest obstacles, and that asking for help can sometimes be one of the hardest steps. She has an interest in working with clients in states of grief and loss, those struggling with relationship issues and domestic violence, as well as diverse spiritual issues.

Although she’s killed her fair share of houseplants (she’s getting better with them!), Sarah loves gardening and caring for her Great Dane puppy and many kitties. She still enjoys getting muddy whenever she can and is slowly working towards creating her own home studio for ceramics projects.

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