DFW Teacher's Support Group


We're entering another school year with a shortage of teachers, which means: 

  • Longer hours
  • Larger class sizes
  • Unrealistic expectations

If you are a teacher seeking a group of women to connect with - this group is for you!

As you are gearing up for this new school year, it's crucial to prioritize your mental health. Building relationships with other educators dealing with the same pressures can help!

This group will be jam-packed with things to help you!

Contact Nicole Davis about registering for this group by emailing nicoled@wefixbrains.com or call 972-590-8030.

Nicole Davis

With an extensive professional background in the corporate world, Nicole’s passion is working with women in Corporate America, with a primary focus on topics like anxiety and depression and multicultural issues impacted by the workplace. Additionally, Nicole also enjoys helping couples and families work through difficult issues while paying particular attention to generational patterns.