Ignite Your Life | Workshop

self-growth in 2023

Have you ever wondered "how do I figure out my life's purpose?" Or wonder "why am I even here?"

The Ignite Your Life Workshop at Lifeologie Dallas Uptown is an immersive experience designed to help you discover your essence, and consider the question "What is my life's purpose?"

First, we will take a deep dive into the core, the essence of who you are. Then we will work to identify your life's purpose. Then we'll combine these two to create a powerful plan for the next year of your life.

The timing is perfect - 43% of people fail at their New Year's resolutions by the beginning of February according to InsightOut Mastery. This is your opportunity to rebuild and create a concrete plan for you to WIN!

You will leave with more understanding of who you are at your core, identify your life's purpose, and have tangible steps as we move into 2023.

Thomas will be there to guide and coach you through the entire process towards your greatness.

You are ready and worthy of this experience.

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Meet the Facilitator

Thomas Renner

Thomas Renner is a certified Life Coach & entrepreneur helping people energetically express their identity and purpose through internal transformation. He came upon this passion from spending the last 10+ years in the fitness industry helping people transform their bodies but knew there was much more flowing through our body, mind, and spirit. Read Thomas' full bio here.