Navigating Spiritual Hurt | Group Sessions

A come as you are open process group

Come together and work through the emotional pain of being spiritually wounded. Engage in judgment free group discussions, while gaining support and feedback is a protected safe environment. All religious and spiritual backgrounds are welcome.

We’re inviting adults 18 and above to join us every Tuesday evening from 6pm-8pm. The therapists will lead and guide engaging and enlightening conversations as members are invited to share and empathize with others.

Spiritual hurt can be broken down into several categories:

  1. Meaning – struggling with the “meaning” behind life, relationships, and the world around you
  2. Forgiveness – pain that stems from forgiving others, ourselves, and God
  3. Relatedness – dealing with relationships, whether good or bad
  4. Hope – feeling like there is no hope or it doesn’t exist

Spiritual hurt doesn’t discriminate based on gender or age; it affects everyone in different ways at all stages of life.  Everyone is on a spiritual journey from the moment they are born, and from that journey, we feel pain and, in turn, we grow. Our society doesn’t often emphasize this journey, so we have difficulty dealing with the pain when it becomes too much to handle.

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group leaders

Camryn Watson

Camryn’s approach to counseling is holistic and egalitarian. She aims to spotlight client strengths, self-confidence, and bolster client self-worth, leaving no room for judgement. Read her full bio here.

Samuel Bailey

Samuel specializes in divorce recovery, grief, conflict resolution, and couples and Christian counseling. He has been coaching, teaching, and in ministry for over 25 years. Read his full bio here.