Self Care: Prioritizing You!

Join us for a FREE 4-week group where we'll discuss all things Self-Care,  starting Tuesday, October 11!

Self-care is a critical part of your health and everyday it is becoming harder and harder to do, especially when it comes to managing a busy schedule and just having some time to decompress from a busy work week. Self-care is just taking care of yourself, so that you can handle those stressful parts of life and sometimes we just need a reminder on how to do that. While other times we may just need to teach ourselves what self-care is.

Join Tassy Henderson, a master’s level intern at Lifeologie Counseling, in an online webinar discussing the value of self-care, why we face the challenges we do when it comes to managing our stressors, and how we can learn to reprioritize self care in a way that would be most beneficial for US! Life post-pandemic has been challenging and I think we all can use some well needed care!


Tassy Henderson

About Tassy

Tassy Henderson is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student at North Carolina Central University and she is a new intern at Lifeologie. She is expected to graduate this December 2022. Tassy received her undergraduate degree from Elon University in Art ...