Uncomfortable for Most, Inevitable for All | End of Life Discussion

an open discussion about the end of life

Farahana Kassam, Conscious Dying Coach, Mindfulness Coach and End of Life Doula will facilitate a free-flowing discussion with participants. Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and views as they delve into their own personal relationship with end of life.

Participants are encouraged to think about what they wish to take away from these discussions. Each gathering will conclude with a guided meditation honoring our individual courage and contribution for our presence, connection and contribution to the group.

The goals of the group are:

1. To provide a safe space where participants can become open, curious and honest about their individual relationship with their own mortality.

2. To provide a space where individuals come together to create community, connection and conversation around the inevitability of death and dying.

3. To provide an opportunity to individually and collectively witness the evolution of our journey by maximizing our potential and purpose in this physical world.


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Group Leader

Farahana Kassam

Farahana is committed to creating purpose in her own life and encourages clients to see their own life as an opportunity to “grow through what you go through”.  Farahana encourages clients to move through life with curiosity, openness, and awareness.  She believes that life’s biggest challenges are the stomping ground to explore opportunities for the most growth. You can read more about Farahana here