Welcome to the Plano Richardson team, John!

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Lifeologie Plano Richardson welcomes John Darby!

Let's give a warm welcome to John, our team’s FIRST Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor! 

John works with older teens and adults who are dealing with substance abuse, drug addiction and/or behavioral addictions. His experience in Intensive Outpatient settings will be valuable in serving those struggling in our community.  

John works to help clients help themselves through potential relapse situations such as negative emotions, interpersonal conflict, or social pressure. In John’s professional experiences he has worked with clients with addiction concerns in Intensive Outpatient settings, within ministry that serves persons that are homeless, and in residential treatment. All settings included individual counseling and group counseling which outlined how persons fall into addiction and the characteristics of those who develop and follow strategies to break away from their dependencies.

Sessions available now! Click here or give us a call at (214) 556-0996 to request TODAY!