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Self defense & self protection classes

Unleash your inner superhero!

Self defense, self awareness, and self protection skills are necessary in today’s world.  Learn basic safety skills that can save your life!

Join us for a monthly self defense & self-protection class led by Jeff Freeman, a 25-year veteran of the Rowlett police department. Learn the skills you need to stand up to attackers and fight back.

Goals for attendees:

  • Develop safer habits through situational awareness.
  • Consider safety tactics pertaining to your workplace.
  • Develop physical skills to help mitigate acts or attempted acts of violence committed against you or your family/ coworkers.

The class is for women and teen girls (15 and up ) and their friends and families (male or female) 

$55 per person per session.  All proceeds benefit Genesis Women’s Shelter.

NOTE: Pre-paid reservations are required

Sign up today using the form on this page or call (214) 357-4001 for more information.

Fight Back. Fight Hard. Fight to win!

Upcoming Self Defense Classes:

Saturday, August 17th from 1 – 4PM


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About Officer Jeff Freeman

Jeff Freeman teaching women's self defense classes in Dallas, TXSelf defense instructor Jeff Freeman began his career with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department in 1995 and began working with the Rowlett Police Department in 1999. He has served in the Patrol Division, the Criminal Investigations Division, and is currently assigned the School Resource Officer Division.

Jeff holds a Master’s Peace Officer License, and Police Trainer and Field Trainer credentials. He is a Taser Instructor, ASP baton Instructor, Asst Lead Combatives instructor, Gracie Survival Tactics Instructor, SPEAR Instructor, Active Shooter Response instructor, and Standard Response Protocol Instructor. He has been a Crime Scene Investigator for 19 years and also Team Leader for the Tactical Containment Team. Officer Freeman holds a black belt in Kempo Jut Su and has studied Silat, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Modern Arnis.

Jeff grew up in Garland, Texas.  He had his wife of 19 years are the proud parents of a 12-year-old daughter.