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Lifeologie Counseling was founded in 2000 with one goal in mind — to bring a fresh, innovative approach to the everyday problems of life. Creative solutions to stuck problems®.

With our unique multi-specialty, collaborative approach, Lifeologie helps individuals, couples, and families heal even the deepest wounds and break out of old, unhealthy patterns to live full, meaningful lives.

The Lifeologie world-class training facility nurtures and matures clinicians who carry forward a commitment to our core values: creativity, collaboration, and exceptional client care.

At Lifeologie Counseling Chandler, our therapists are here to support you in your journey toward optimal mental and relational health. At Lifeologie, you can expect superior clinical care steeped in thoughtfulness, passion, empathy, enthusiasm, motivation, and empowerment.

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Yoga Schedule at Lifeologie Wellness Chandler

Four Days a Week | $20-23 | Lifeologie Wellness Chandler

Ready for a new studio experience? Lifeologie Yoga, part of Lifeologie Wellness, is where you'll discover a new level of mind-body connection. With a welcoming community of like-minded individuals, Lifeologie Yoga is the perfect place to find balance, clarity, and inspiration. Join us on the mat ...

Welcome to the Chandler team, Abby!

Lifeologie Counseling Chandler welcomes Abby Lyon! NEW Lifeologist Alert! Meet Abby Lyon. Abby is a master’s level intern who offers counseling services in-person and via telehealth. Abby helps individuals, children, young adults and families: Explore negative patterns & beliefs Connect on a ...

Lifeologie Counseling & HerScan Breast Ultrasound

February 7th | March 29th | $295 | Lifeologie Counseling Chandler

Join us at Lifeologie Counseling Chandler for HerScan Breast Ultrasound Lifeologie Wellness is pleased to announce that we are partnering with HerScan to offer breast ultrasound services at our location on February 7th and March 29th, 2024 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The cost is $295 (A value of $1, 100 ...

Welcome to the Chandler team, Isabella!

Lifeologie Counseling Chandler welcomes Isabella Rodriguez! Meet Isabella Rodriguez! Isabella is a licensed associate counselor (LAC) and the NEWEST addition to the Lifeologie Counseling Chandler team who takes on a whole person approach to help children, adolescents and adults navigate… 

Welcome to the Chandler team, Kim!

Lifeologie Counseling Chandler welcomes Kim Leversee! Meet Kim! She is a licensed master social worker (LMSW) who is committed to helping clients embrace their authenticity and achieve fulfillment through… A solution-focused approach Support, compassion and approachability The necessary tools and ...

Welcome to the Chandler team, Jordan!

Lifeologie Counseling Chandler welcomes Jordan Helms! Are you feeling stuck and unsure of what to do? Meet Jordan! Jordan is our clinical director and a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who takes a customized approach in order to help clients… heal trauma build meaningful connections & ...