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Christopher “Chris” Jones

LPC, LPC-Supervisor

Chris Jones grew up in a small town south of the metroplex. He has managed to remain close to his small town roots (really— he even owns an RV) and enjoys a relaxed lifestyle with his smart, pretty wife (we think he over-achieved) and his two terrific daughters.

After receiving his Bachelors in psychology from Baylor, Chris stuck around for his... Read More

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I’m a MAN… I Don’t Need Counseling, Right?

Most men love discussing their emotions… almost as much as they’d enjoy being attacked by a group of angry badgers.

But, in all fairness to these guys… Aren’t we all a little at fault for their hesitation?

“Walk it off!” and “Rub some dirt on it!” are phrases that every little boy has drilled into his head while growing up—all the way from the scratches and scrapes of toddlerhood to the broken bones and sports injuries of the teenage years.

When we look at the data from counseling sessions, it only serves to reinforce this idea: Women are way more likely to seek out counseling services than are men – with the exception of a few, very specific counseling issues, such as substance abuse or anger management.

Men only elect to enter into therapy after a life-altering event… or a heck of a lot of nagging. Outside of those “motivators”, therapy is usually a total red zone for men, unless their marriage is threatened by the possibility of divorce or their presence is required by a court of law (i.e. “court-mandated therapy”).

But, what happens when there is a MAJOR life event that you can’t simply “walk off”? Sometimes “toughing it out” isn’t the way to go—especially when the thing that you’re trying to tough out can put you on the sidelines for an entire season! If boxers need time to take some rest between rounds, then maybe it’s time that you allowed yourself a time-out as well!

Our Dallas, TX – based team of expert counselors is especially skilled at giving men a hand up when it comes to relaxing & recovering from the following therapeutic issues:

Common Issues That Are Addressed During Men’s Counseling

  • Career, Self-Enrichment, & Inadequacy: Overcome your misplaced sense of loyalty to a job that treats you like dirt; Learn how to chase and appreciate your own worth; Rediscover passions and hidden talents that could lead to other career pathways; Put to rest feelings of career-related inadequacy
  • Romantic Relationships (aka, Things that are slightly less annoying than attending couples counseling simply to appease your significant other): Achieve a more fulfilling sex life; Learn how  to read dicey situations: Gain the ability to judge what your partner really means when he/she says the infamous “I’m fine,” and follows it up with silence—and the subsequent loss of your sex life; Argue less; Enjoy shared time more; Co-parent more effectively as a team; Recuperate from the natural feelings caused by infidelity; and put jealousy permanently to bed
  • Stress Management: Financial woes, job security concerns, horrible bosses, or coworkers who just have absolutely NO idea what they’re doing, aging, health concerns, breakups, divorces, and high-maintenance relationships: Take control of your stress! Quell spikes in blood pressure, tension headaches, and panic attacks; Craft your own go-to methods to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation; Declutter and de-stress your surroundings and personal life—and learn how to appreciate living again!
  • Anger Management: Receive expert therapeutic treatment for Intermittent Explosive Disorder (The “sudden werewolf transformation” of anger disorders); Take control of spurts of rage (including destruction of property, domestic, or spousal abuse, road rage, and violent or confrontational behavior and thought patterns); Release the hold of passive aggressive tendencies or resentment; and gain access to treatments for physical problems related to mental health (including hypertension, insomnia, rage rashes, stomach upsets, as well as others!)
  • Male Sexuality & Sexual Performance: Clear up any sexual orientation questions or issues with gender identity and expression; Learn about medical and psychological interventions to treat sexual dysfunctions, such as erectile dysfunction (or impotence), premature or delayed ejaculation, and Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder; Boost your sexual skills with your partner and gain satisfaction in the bedroom; Work through and eliminate secret paraphilias (including fetishes, frotteurism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadomasochism and more)
  • Fatherhood: Prepare for the arrival of your first child, the trials of the adoption process, or the transition to being a single parent; Perfect your parenting skills and easily establish useful disciplinary boundaries; Define parenting roles and tasks with your significant other and stay sexually active; Work though frustrating confrontations with boisterous teenagers; Assist your child in returning to a normal life in the aftermath of parental divorce or the difficulties of blending a family via the remarriage of one or both parents
  • Mental Health, Addiction, & Self-Harm: Receive proven and specially-designed interventions for Substance Abuse, Addiction (Sex, Pornography, Gambling, Frivolous Spending, Internet, or Video Game), Depression, Anxiety, Suicidality, Bipolar Disorder, and Self-Harm (self-mutilation, risky sexual encounters, being impulsive, dangerous driving, etc.) as well as more!
  • Trauma Recovery: Recover from the psychological effects of different kinds of trauma—sexual, physical, or emotional abuse; neglect as a child; the lingering effects of military service, violent acts, natural disasters, accidents, or close calls with near-death experiences; Soothe the symptoms of hypervigilance, flashbacks, hyperarousal, or sporadic aggression that are commonly linked to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder


How Can Counseling For Men’s Issues Improve My Counseling Experience?

Many women often gripe about men and their hesitation to discuss their feelings – and men show even more hesitation when talking about feelings to other men… because, honestly: “who wants to hear all that stuff”? However, although it may be shocking to you—and despite our position as counselors ourselves—we actually understand where you’re coming from! With that being said, we’ve tailored our therapy sessions to fit your needs: straightforward, solution-focused, and about as painless as a commercial break during a Stars game. Check out our pressure-free setup and consider trying:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Effective strategies (no weird stuff here!) for getting out of “stuck” patterns in your relationships, problems with parenting, financial snafus, sexual frustrations, or mental health issues (substance abuse, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, PTSD, OCD, and more+)
  • Specially Designed Stress & Anger Management Solutions: Dissipate stress-induced spikes in blood pressure, marriage migraines, and explosions of rage; Lighten your professional load, improve intrafamilial relationships, and put coping mechanisms into place that derail stress and allow you to handle your anger more effectively
  • Self-Enrichment, Career, & Life Coaching: Leave your unfulfilling career by the wayside and pursue the life that you deserve; Effectively put existential (mid-life, quarter-life, and “what am I doing with my life”) crises to bed; Rediscover sources of personal enjoyment and creative expression that make the ups and downs of your job worth the struggle
  • Sexual Satisfaction & Performance Anxiety Counseling: Gain the ability to communicate your sexual needs with your significant other in a safe space; Convert a stagnant sex life into one with some heat and passion; Overcome performance anxiety and boost your libido; Gain access to proven medical or psychological treatments for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation
  • Couples, Premarital, Marital, & Last-Ditch Marital Counseling: Boost your romantic and intimate connections to your significant other; Fix communication breakdowns and quell resentment; Prepare for the many challenging moments of marriage or raising a child; Put Last-Ditch Marital Counseling to use to change an unstable marriage into one with a more solid foundation
  • Parental Skills Counseling: Reap the benefits of our individual or group parental skills counseling sessions and reinforce the bonds of attachment to your infant; Become an agent of therapeutic change in your child’s life
  • Substance Abuse, Addiction, & Trauma Recovery: Overcome substance abuse and addictive or compulsive behaviors (such as Sex or Gambling Addiction) with methods such as 12-Step or Harm Reduction models of recovery; Shrink the effects of PTSD with exposure therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), or therapeutic relaxation techniques
  • Alternative Therapy: Practice Meditation, Mindfulness, or Psychotherapeutic Yoga as techniques to manage stress and anger, or recover from mental health issues and addiction

The Lifeologie Difference

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A creative, multi-specialty approach to life’s inevitable difficulties.

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Collaborative care from a team you can trust.

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Client Focused

A comfortable, client-centered environment.