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Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Minority populations consist of anyone who does not belong within the dominant culture. In the United States, this includes immigrants, refugees, LGBTQIA, as well as communities of color. In many of these diverse groups, the concept of therapy is not widely accepted. Telling a stranger your problems is often seen as a weakness.

Mental health, once a taboo topic, is becoming something that our collective culture is beginning to embrace. Historically, mental health was a subject widely disapproved of in communities of color but because of the Coronavirus, more and more minorities are reaching out for mental health services.

Each July, we choose to celebrate Minority Mental Health Month. Minority Mental Health Month is dedicated to improving awareness of the unique issues facing minority populations in the United States. With people of color working the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic and being subjected to massive rates of job loss, making access to mental health services even more difficult. To counteract the existing stigma within communities of color, the HHS Office of Minority Mental Health promotes tools and resources that encourage racial and ethnic populations in particular.

For health care professionals, it’s imperative to continue to test our cultural competence to ensure that we’re able to service clients from all backgrounds. There are distinctive issues that are characteristic of each racial and ethnic group. Culturally competent mental health professionals are prepared to provide safe spaces for their clients to be themselves without the insecurities of judgement. The great thing about therapy is the ability to speak freely and not feel the guilt or shame that comes with sharing your intimate feelings with those you care about.

At Lifeologie Oak Cliff, we have the ability to see clients from all walks of life. It’s a privilege to offer the safety of the therapeutic relationship to the people of Oak Cliff and its surrounding areas. We’re dedicated to serving this diverse community, which is considered underserved in the space of mental illness.

The best part of being a counselor at Lifeologie is that we have the ability to see clients for such an affordable rate, just $35.00 per session!

About the Author:

Nicole Davis provides counseling for teens and young adults in Oak Cliff, DallasAs a mental health professional, Nicole Davis, takes pride in helping others deal with issues like anxiety and depression. Nicole works with people from all backgrounds, creating a safe space to be their unique self while gaining a better understanding of the world around them.

Your mental health is our priority! This month and each July, we celebrate Minority Mental Health Month. During this month, we encourage each person to become aware of resources near you to improve your well-being. At Lifeologie Oak Cliff, we are intentional with servicing members of diverse communities and take pride in offering affordable therapeutic options for all people at $35/session!