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National Prevention Week
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National Prevention Week May 8-14, 2022

It’s springtime, the weather’s warming up, the greenery is lush, and school is ending! TIME TO PARTY!

Sound good? Well it does to teens and college students too! More than any other time, the end of the school year is when they first try substances. This is finals week for most undergrads and that’s why it’s also SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week—a perfect time to remind students (and all of us) about preventing underage substance use and substance misuse or abuse in general.

The three main goals of National Prevention Week are to raise community awareness, develop partnerships and collaborations, and to share resources about substance use prevention and mental health. In addition, it’s just a fun week to get together, have some sober fun, and maybe even learn something new! Daily themes this week are:

  • Monday – Strengthening Community Resilience: Substance Misuse and Overdose Prevention
  • Tuesday – Preventing Substance Use and Promoting Mental Health in Youth
  • Wednesday – Preventing Suicide: Everyone Plays a Role
  • Thursday – The Talent Pipeline: Enhancing the Prevention Workforce
  • Friday – Prevention is Everywhere: Highlighting Efforts Across Settings and Communities
  • Saturday – Celebrating Prevention Heroes

You can visit the the NPW website here to see webinars each day and even post your own event here.

Feeling some passion for the cause?

Here are some of SAMHSA’s suggestions for how you can be a part of the week and impact someone:

  1. Make a short video sharing a story that exemplifies the importance of prevention
  2. Share a compelling, original video or photo that illustrates why prevention or mental health promotion is so important
  3. Create a work of art, share a picture of it, and explain its meaning
  4. Ask a leader in your organization or community to write a short statement about how the COVID-19 pandemic changed their perspective on the importance of prevention and positive mental health

Be safe this summer, have lots of fun, and be an example to your community of sober living or responsible consumption.

About The Author:

Hunter Waters is a counselor Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas specializing in teens, anxiety, attachment, and self-esteem

Hunter Waters specializes in working with individuals and couples from an emotionally focused and existential perspective. He strives to understand how one’s relationships from childhood to the present are influencing the present situation, and how to empower the client to get their hands back on the wheel and oriented in their sense of purpose. To find out more about Hunter, click here, or click here to book an appointment.