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Bailey McGarry

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Bailey McGarry
Business Administrator

Bailey received her undergraduate in Psychology from Texas State University in 2017. Since graduating, she has taken time to discover her true passions in life. Lucky for us, her journey led her to Lifeologie where she is gaining knowledge in the art of business and exceptional client care. She has a true knack for making anyone feel at home in times of uncertainty.

After graduating, Bailey felt the need to see more of the world before settling into a career. That’s when Bailey and her twin sister decided to travel to Northern Italy and work on an organic vineyard for three months. Living in a rural town in the Italian alps taught Bailey a lot about her true essence. Working with the land will always be something she will cherish and producing a portion of the worlds best wine wasn’t too shabby either. Finding commonalities with the locals who did not speak any English was a challenge at first, but with patience and love for other cultures, true friendships blossomed.

Returning home after such a beautiful and rewarding trip was very difficult at first. Bailey had always dream’t of returning to school to receive her masters and become a licensed clinician, like many young adults, she had to take into consideration the time, energy, and cost that came along with that dream. Taking a moment to internally reflect on what life has taught her thus far, she decided to look for a job that would allow her to gain experience in the workforce while simultaneously set a foundation for her long term goals.

Since working for Lifeologie, Bailey has decided to pursue her career in Psychology and will be working with Lifeologie at the same time! We value her warm, gentle charm and ability to take great care of everyone in the office, as well as our awesome clients!

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