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Brittney Tatum

Brittney Tatum
Masters Level Intern
Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Bullying, LGBTQ & Gender Issues, Stress Management

Brittney specializes in addiction, anxiety, bullying, career, spiritual, LGBTQ+, and stress management, but plans to continuously expand her specialties understanding the interconnectedness of so many of our challenges. Through every stage of her life, Brittney has simultaneously been a participant, observer and inquisitor – she wants to engage with people, understand them and always learn more about the human experience. It is that passion for life and humanity that brought her to this work. Brittney is dedicated to helping people find themselves, their way and their happiness.


Brittney was born in East Texas and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Shortly after graduating from the University of New Mexico, she packed up her fiery red car and headed for Dallas, motivated by an adventurous spirit and an instinct she knew better than to ignore.  Brittney is currently a graduate student at Dallas Baptist University.

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