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Cate Lavelle

anxiety counseling
Cate Lavelle
Life Coach
Dallas & Park Cities
Fees: $95 for 50 min session
Specialties: Adulting, Anxiety Disorders, Codependency Issues, Depression, Eating Disorders, Mental Health Issues, Pre-Engagement, Virtual Counseling Sessions

Cate enjoys anxiety counseling as well as pre-marital and pre-engagement counseling.  She also works with individuals and couples struggling with family of origin issues, boundaries, co-dependency, healthy relationships, Christian/faith-based existential crises issues, life transitions and depression.

Cate grew up in hippieville Denton, Texas, and she claims that’s where she got her good taste in music, art, and love for organic or just plain weird food. From there she ventured (one hour) away for college to Dallas to attend Dallas Baptist University for her undergrad. She loved Dallas so much, she even stayed for her graduate degree!

Cate spent her summers during college working at summer camps with teens, and her school years as a resident assistant, and campus woman’s coordinator. She lived in China for a summer working with a nonprofit aiding at risk women in trafficking. During all this “people” time, Cate realized she loved caring for others who were hurting, but wanted to learn better tools for how to do so. She was in the beginning stages of becoming an Education major, but realized she was more interested in people, learning their stories, and learning how we relate and operate. She switched her major to Psychology the middle of freshman year, (sorry mom) and never looked back!

It was also in college when Cate’s struggles with crippling self doubt, anxiety, depression, pain from broken family relationships, and people-pleasing all came to a head. She wasn’t sure who she was and kept losing herself in relationships with others. Life had just become too hard and she felt consumed by it all.

This time in her life moved Cate to seek her own journey towards recovery. It was then that Cate experienced the monumental healing aspects of the therapeutic relationship, the scary but exciting part of finding and using her voice, and figuring out who she really wanted to be. It was hard, but it was one of the best things she’s ever done. She learned that you don’t have to hide your true self, that life was meant to be enjoyed and lived, and how to speak up for yourself to get what you need!

Cate has a deep passion for cultivating authenticity and challenging others to find their own voice, love it, and use it!

In her spare time, Cate enjoys being a foodie out in Dallas with her gal-pals, kayaking at White Rock lake, anything artistic or live music related, her cat named Millie, and FaceTiming her older sister/bff who lives in India.

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