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Cori Hill

marriage counselor
Cori Hill
Life Coach
Dallas & Park Cities
Fees: Start at $95 per 50 min session
Specialties: Abandonment Issues, Adulting, Biracial Couples, Blended Families, Business Partner Counseling, Codependency Issues, Couples Counseling, Cross-Cultural Relationships, Failure to Launch, Families & Mental Illness, Family Issues, Female Sexuality, Infidelity, Interfaith Relationships, Last-Ditch Marital, LGBTQ Couples, Marriage Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Newlyweds, Pre-Engagement, Pre-Marital, Quarter-Life Issues, Relationship Issues, Virtual Counseling Sessions, Young Adults, Young Adults in Transition

Cori Hill didn’t start out wanting to be a marriage coach, but she sure has a knack for it.  Cori enjoys working with couples who are planning their forever, and with those for whom forever has turned into “for what?” Couples coaching can be a place to explore next directions for your relationship, whether you choose to improve it, take it to the next level, or even end it.

Cori was born in Michigan, but having spent most of her life here in Dallas, considers herself a true Texan. Cori earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy from Southern Methodist University (SMU). While working as a study abroad advisor, Cori discovered a connection between her various interests and previous experiences mentoring, tutoring, and life coaching: she received her her Masters Degree in Counseling at SMU and is thrilled to be a part of the Lifeologie team.

Raised by a hard-working, single mother who emphasized education and service, Cori learned early the importance of determination, knowledge, and empathy. While this foundation led to achievement and success in many areas, it also served as the foundation of the perfectionism that has challenged Cori for most of her life. This was especially true in her mid-twenties when she struggled to understand and adapt to difficult and unexpected life events. Cori now believes we all have the personal power either to change our situation or to change within it.  From experience, Cori knows this often is not easy to do and that coaching can help with navigating the transition.

In her free time, Cori can be found doing anything from binge-watching shows on Netflix, to traveling, to fixing plumbing, and electrical problems around the house. She loves to dance (usually on-beat) and sing (usually off-key).

“I may not know exactly how you feel, but I understand that you want to feel differently–about yourself, about your relationship, about your life. I welcome individuals, couples, and families facing a variety of challenges including stress, self-esteem, life transitions, relationship issues, parenting, and the general “stuck” feeling. I believe that with my understanding of people and your understanding of you, we can work together to address these challenges.”

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