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Donna Goldberg

Donna Goldberg
Masters Level Intern
adults, children, teens, couples

Meet Donna Goldberg! Donna is a native Louisianan who grew up in a pony farm called Horseshoe Bayou in Belcher, Louisiana. (population 120) She rode competitively until she was 16 and was surrounded with animals, including 5 dogs, 29 barn cats and a porch goat named Romeo. We are so happy to have her at Lifeologie Austin to provide Affordable, Quality Counseling to our clients.

She tore herself away from farm-paradise to attend college at Piedmont in Charlottesville and then UT in Austin, where she transferred in order to follow her techie husband, who found employment here. (Yay for Austin!)

Since then, Donna and her husband have accumulated 3 great human children, 4 adored rescue dachshunds (Ollie, Pretzel, Teddy and Bear), and a love for the city of Austin. Live music, great restaurants, hike and bike trails, the lake, art and mostly the weirdness of Austin keep Donna and her family busy, happy, and loving this city.

Donna ran a children’s clothing store for 15 years and then, after a personal health crisis forced her to pay attention to nutrition, she actually became a Nutritional Counselor to help others. That’s Donna for you. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Donna is a student intern who offers affordable, quality counseling to our clients at Lifeologie Austin. She has an extensive background and great knowledge in the area of nutrition, and she is working on her Master’s Degree in Counseling at Lamar University.  As part of the master’s degree program, she serves several internships in order to put all that up-to-date research and knowledge to work! She loves healthy food, but inexplicably cannot abide onions and peppers or seafood! (what’s up with that?)

We are thrilled to have Donna here at Lifeologie for her Internship. Book a session with her for some Affordable, Quality Counseling and see how great she is. We know you’ll agree that she is insightful and skilled, provides a listening and discerning ear and excellent care and support to her clients.

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