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Hannah Novelli

counselor in dallas hannah novelli
Hannah Novelli
Masters Level Intern
Dallas, TX
Specialties: Addiction & Substance Abuse, Adulting, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Eating Disorders, Failure to Launch

Hannah is a master’s level intern who is passionate about walking alongside others to find emotional and relational healing. She focuses on working with adolescents and young adults who struggle with self-esteem, indecision, disordered eating, perfectionism, anxiety, and depression. Her own family of origin went to counseling together and witnessed the benefits of seeking healthier patterns, so she is passionate about family relationships and seeking healing within the family or marriage context. As a past college athlete, she also has a passion to work through insecurities and anxieties that often accompany competing in athletics. She offers faith-based counseling and can walk alongside her clients if they want to navigate their concerns with a Biblical perspective.  

Hannah was born in Wheaton, Illinois, but claims Texas as her true home. She grew up in The Woodlands, Texas. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Sciences from the University of Texas. For several summers following her graduation, she worked at a summer camp for junior high students and as a wilderness guide for high school students. From these experiences, she gained a greater understanding of the challenges that adolescent girls face at these pivotal ages in life. She discovered this desire to walk alongside others as they process their past hurts and future uncertainties in these roles.

After graduation, she moved to China to teach English. She loved the experience of interacting with others from another culture, and this experience provided her with a deeper understanding of how to relate to people who have a different cultural background. She then moved to Dallas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary, pursuing her continued desire to work in counseling. Hannah has one more year before completing her degree.  

In her spare time when she is not studying and reading for school, Hannah loves spending time with her friends and family and making new memories with them. She loves to be outside, especially running, hiking and cycling. Hannah is recently engaged and is currently spending time planning a fall wedding with her fiancé.

Counseling specialties include:

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