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Jasmine Moore

Jasmine Moore is a counselor in Oak Cliff
Jasmine Moore
LMFT Associate Supervised by Kimberly Gist-Miller, LMFT-S
Oak Cliff
Specialties: Adulting, Couples Counseling, Divorce & Breakups, Family Issues, Grief & Loss, LGBTQ & Gender Issues, Multi-Cultural Issues

Jasmine is passionate about working with couples, families, and individuals who are dealing with grief and loss, sexuality, school-related issues, and families with children who have special needs from a systemic, collaborative approach. She believes by focusing and building on the strengths that the system has, resiliencies can be acknowledged and change becomes possible. Underlying that belief, she is certain that people possess the resources for positive growth. Thus, discovering and finding your vulnerabilities is key! Even though that’s the case, touching those places is hard and it takes work. Jasmine hopes to provide to those who work with her, support and the tools to make healthy choices.

Connecting to her clients

When entering the therapy room, Jasmine views it as space where one experiences safety, acceptance, collaboration, and encouragement. She views this as a connecting piece to the therapeutic relationship. It enriches the process and fosters faith, but it also provides an opportunity to embark on a transformative journey that includes, what she notes as, the Three C’s. Making a choice to take a chance and create the change you wish to witness in this life.

A Texas, blended twin

Jasmine was born and raised in Waxahachie, Texas (WAKSA-HATCHEE! Say it with me!). She is apart of a big, blended family, where surprisingly their birthdays sync up all on the same day! One reason, in particular, is because Jasmine is a twin! Before she found her calling as a therapist, she studied Mass Communications at Sam Houston State University. However, after working in public relations, she realized that it wasn’t her passion and she decided on a career change.  

Her road to being an Oak Cliff Counselor

Searching her soul she thought about her own life experiences. Growing up as an African-American, she gets the struggle in the community around speaking about mental health issues and the ultimate stigma surrounding therapy. She’s heard “I don’t need therapy.” or “We don’t need people in our business” replies from family. But she also gets being the only one who feels the need to talk about it and get help. In addition, Jasmine and her twin sister were diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy, which made growing up challenging. Being in a blended family, she witnessed the difficult transitions that took place (e.g., seeing my parents get a divorce, meeting a new stepparent, being introduced to a parent’s partners, new siblings, etc.). Therefore, the notion of collaborative divorce and co-parenting support as a therapist is of the utmost importance. Depending on what day you ask, this is what sparked her curiosity to know more about family dynamics! In 2015, she began working on her M.S. in Family Therapy at Texas Woman’s University and passed her national exam and is now officially a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate! During her coursework and clinical training at UT Southwestern, Jasmine gained experience presenting regionally and nationally on the topics of childhood sexual abuse and adolescents sexual beliefs.

In her free time, she’s at a concert at the American Airlines Center, reading, spending time with her family (including Bentley her 12-year-old Yorkie Russell) and friends, and binge-watching crime TV.


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