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Jennifer Landon

Jennifer Landon
Dallas Office
Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Body Picking, existential issues, Meditation, Mindfulness Training, Stress Management, Trichotillomania, Women's Issues

An expert in the (not so rare) condition known as trichotillomania and body-focused repetitive behavior (wha??), Jennifer is one of the few clinicians in the state who can effectively address these difficult diagnoses.

Jennifer received mindfulness training from the Institute of Mindfulness and Psychotherapy and incorporates the mindfulness practices of compassion and loving kindness in her life and work. Jennifer also facilitates Mindfulness Groups and workshops throughout the year. Using these philosophies and practices, she addresses the issues of anxiety, depression, body-focussed repetitive behavior, trichotillomania, grief, loneliness, fear, shame, stuckness, and overall life challenges.  Jennifer has also received psychotherapeutic yoga training from the LISPY school for psychotherapeutic yoga.  Not only is Jennifer LISPY-trained, she is also once served as the Executive Director (it’s a big deal) at the LISPY school for psychotherapeutic yoga.

Jennifer believes in helping clients learn self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-awareness and to assist them in finding their own understanding of their internal emotional state. In this way, clients are free to determine their own path with a clear view of their deeply held and sacred intuition. In addition, Jennifer utilizes the Enneagram personality profile to assist clients in better understanding themselves and their loved ones.

If you want to learn what mindfulness really is and experience what it could mean in your life, you may want to consider one of Jennifer’s groups. Reoccurring and drop-in mindfulness groups are available – just shoot Jennifer an email at if you’re interested. Jennifer also offers individual counseling where she teaches these concepts to her clients.

Beginning her professional life with wilderness camping, including driving a bus with a 6 canoe trailer, hiking in Big Bend and the Pecos Mountains, canoeing the Buffalo River in Arkansas, sleeping in a tent no matter what the weather, cooking over a “real” fire and oh yeah, having 10 pre-adjudicated youth under her watch, Jennifer will now say this beginning laid a solid foundation to her counseling career. “Living and breathing with 10 troubled adolescents for a month at a time, in the wilderness, offers ample opportunity for therapeutic skill building!” A Licensed Professional Counselor and a valued member of the Lifeologie team, (it only took us 10 years to snag her!), Jennifer has been in private practice since 1995.


Jennifer has three wonderful daughters, who she says have kept her humble and forced her to practice the things she preaches. She is still a nature lover, does that standing on your elbows thing in yoga, and is keen on learning how to two-step.


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