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Karolina Jevaltaite

Karolina Jevaltaite is a counselor in Ada, MI near Grand Rapids
Karolina Jevaltaite
Masters Level Intern
Grand Rapids, MI
Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Blended Families, Couples Counseling, Depression, Family Issues, Infidelity, Marriage Counseling, Parental Alienation, Tweens & Teens

Meet Karolina. (pronounced: Carol-EE-nah) (so exotic!)

Karolina was born in Lithuania (yeah, we know – whoa!) and moved to the United States with her family when she was seven years old. She still speaks Lithuanian fluently every day (need a Lithuanian counselor?). She was raised in Grand Rapids, MI and then moved to Kalamazoo to pursue her undergraduate degree in Family Studies and Psychology.

Karolina is totally passionate about families and has wanted to work with them for as long as she can remember. She also very much enjoys working with teens and young women. With Karolina’s love of Holistic Health (think whole-person health), she fits right in here at Lifeologie! She works with each client to make sure that she considers the entire person, including their strengths, what they love, and how they want to work, to develop a very person-centered treatment.

She considers it an honor and a privilege to join with clients while they process trauma, anxiety or depression, or just navigating tough every-day struggles.

When you meet with Karolina, you’ll know right away that you’ve found the counselor for you. She’s kind and encouraging and will help you grow into the person you most want to be.

When Karolina isn’t nose-deep in learning about wellness, she loves to spend quality time with her boyfriend, family, and friends. You’ll probably find her playing with her puppy, traveling to exotic places, taking lots of photos, and exploring different area coffee shops

Located in Grand Rapids, MI.

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