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Katy Branchflower

marriage counseling
Katy Branchflower
Masters Level Intern
Dallas Office
$75 per 50-minute session
Specialties: Abuse Recovery, Childhood Abuse Recovery, Couples Counseling, Grief & Loss, Life Changing Events, Marriage Counseling, Relationship Issues, Stress Management, Trauma & Abuse Recovery, Women's Issues, Young Adults in Transition

Katy works with adults with a variety of concerns, including navigating life adjustments, family and relational concerns, grief and loss, anxiety, women’s issues, trauma recovery, and stress management. She values each client’s unique experiences concerns and places a high value on the importance of the therapeutic relationship between the client and counselor. She believes that developing rapport and trust creates the environment where healing and growth can begin.

Katy is a completing her Master’s Degree in Counseling at University of North Texas. Since beginning her graduate degree, Katy has been involved and participated in a variety of organizations. She was a volunteer at Journey of Hope in Plano where she facilitated an adult grief support group. She has also co-lead a social skills group at United Through H.O.P.E in Denton for kids ages 12-18 years old, who have intellectual difficulties/disabilities. Katy was part of the UNT chapter of Counselors for Social Justice and is currently a member of the Rho Kappa chapter of the Chi Sigma Iota honor society.

Katy grew up in a small town in Northern California, the youngest of her family of four. From a early age, she held an innate desire to provide comfort and assistance to those hurting or in need. As a child, she could often be found approaching and comforting other kids at recess who appeared to be upset or alone. By the time her teen years rolled around, Katy began working as an advocate intern for the Victim/Witness office at the local county courthouse. During her time there, she discovered a deep desire to work with victims of violence and abuses. It was around this same time that Katy sought mentorship from a family friend who was a therapist. It did not take long before she decided a career in counseling was exactly what she wanted to do with her life. Pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology ultimately led her to Texas, where she attended the University of North Texas. During her years in school, Katy fell in love with Texas and has continued to reside in the North Texas area since graduating with honors.

After graduation, Katy took some time off before pursuing her graduate degree in counseling. In this time off, she experienced some difficult life events that led her on a personal growth mission. It was through her own struggles and desire to make changes that she ultimately revisited her decision to become a counselor. As a result of her experiences, Katy understands, empathizes, and admires the courage it takes to be vulnerable to ask for help and make changes in one’s life. Katy emphasizes the value of empowering others by assisting them in cultivating their own voice, living more authentically, and promoting positive self-worth.

Katy loves playing games of any kind, and often turns regular activities into a game where she can get others to join in. She is very close with her family and loves spending time with them at every opportunity. When she’s not LifeWorking or hanging out with the fam, Katy also enjoys getting together with her friends, traveling, attending entertainment and sporting events, watching crime shows, reading, and cuddling with her two cats.

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