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Kelly Pedersen

Kelly Pedersen
LPC Supervisor,
Clinical Director
Austin Office
Fees: $130 for a 50 minute session.
Specialties: Christian Counseling, Complex Trauma Recovery, Couples Counseling, Divorce & Breakups, EMDR, Last-Ditch Marital, Pre-Marital, PTSD Recovery

Kelly is our senior couples therapy and trauma counseling expert. She guides couples to find the love again or part with respect and dignity. She uses EMDR to lessen the impact of traumatic memories.

Kelly’s first hero was Popeye the Sailor Man.   She would marvel at Popeye popping open a can of spinach, inhaling it through his pipe and – POW! – becoming filled with the might to conquer his problems.  Kelly was stalwart in her emulation of Popeye in her early years, bearing the Popeye squint in public and causing people to ask her mother, “What’s wrong with her eye?” and “What’s wrong with that child?”

It is said character is set by age 8. That may be true because as an adult, Kelly still believes in that “POW!”  She aims to leave people feeling bolstered: Confident, exuberant and powerful.  We have lives to live, walls to climb, and destinations in our sights. Whatever the struggle, you can spring anew. You can live a life rewarded by your strength, faith and daring. You may also return to a place of compassion for yourself.

Kelly’s “cans of spinach” include, EMDR therapy, neuro-linguistic reprogramming, relational therapy, and personal outlook shifting exercises. Her multiplicity of perspective helps people feel understood. She believes in the power of true listening and has an affinity for learning about our unique natures. As an advanced practice clinician with nearly 15 years of experience, she has learned the importance of speaking to the person, not the problem. It is her greatest hope you will feel understood and helped.

Kelly aims to assist people in negotiating solvable problems.  She specializes in treating depression, relationship problems, and trauma — specifically those people healing from narcissistic abuse. Her subspecialties include:

  • Heartache Emergency Therapy
  • Triumph Over Tribulation: Trauma Care
  • The Gift of Wisdom: Handling Psychos, Meanies, and Toxic Situations

Kelly serves as Lifeologie Austin’s clinical director: Staffing cases, collaborating on strategy, and supporting interns through 24/7 at-the-ready consultation.  She has 15 years of clinical experience and had the good fortune of learning from master therapists at Jewish Family Service in San Antonio and Waterloo Counseling Center.  Additionally, she did trench work at Austin Travis County Integral Care for 6 years treating people in crisis, as well as children.

Kelly grew up in culturally rich Houston, TX, and, after attending Journalism school at University of Houston, covered the city as a beat reporter for the Houston Chronicle.  Kelly discovered that while she loved writing and learning about people, she hadn’t much interest in the news. So she changed careers.  She enrolled in and graduated Summa Cum Laude from University of Texas – San Antonio with a master’s degree in Counseling.  She interned at Jewish Family Service and Methodist Hospital’s chaplaincy service.  She trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing under the EMDR International Association and the instruction of Rick Levinson, LCSW.

In addition to being Lifeologie’s clinical director, and our senior couples therapy practitioner, Kelly is a proud member of American MENSA, Central Presbyterian Church, and the founder of the South Austin Pickleball League.  Kelly’s idols are Tony Robbins, Fritz Perls, and SNL’s Stefon.  If you have ever been accused of being a character, Kelly hopes you will feel right at home in her office.

Kelly lives in South Austin and owns a wonderful sweet and lovable retired greyhound named Becca. She enjoys running, reading, and, in the tradition of the Finns, cold water plunges at Deep Eddy, Barton Springs, and the San Francisco Bay…especially in the winter. (brrrrr).

Kelly is accepting new clients aged 21 and up. She has some reviews on Thumbtack that potential clients might like to see.

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