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Kirsten Shaffer

Kirsten Shaffer
LMFT Associate Supervised by Dr. Misti Sparks, LMFT-S
Dallas & Fort Worth
Fees: $105 per 50 min session
Specialties: Addiction & Substance Abuse, Anorexia, Behavioral Addictions, Bullimia, Codependency Issues, Couples Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Eating Disorders, Families & Mental Illness, Family Issues, Marriage Counseling

Kirsten is passionate about helping individuals, couples, and families struggling with addiction, eating disorders, and dual diagnosis in ways that typically get overlooked in hospitals and residential treatment facilities.  She believes in focusing on the strengths within the family system and empowering people to rewrite their stories.

After a short stint in the San Francisco bay where she was born, Kirsten’s parents decided to trade in a life in The Golden State for one closer to home in The Cornhusker State, Nebraska. The Midwest may not have seemed quite as glamorous, but it was a wonderful place to grow up and where she learned to love and appreciate all things family. From her parents, she gained a love of reading, animals, and learning. This eagerness to learn brought her to Texas, where she earned her B.S. in Psychology from Texas Christian University. Go Frogs!

At TCU, Kirsten had it in her head that her skills would work best with a career in experimental psychology and she decided to put her focus towards this. After one too many days in the lab running statistics on her grant funded study, she realized the best parts of her days were interacting with the participants. She decided it was time to change her plan and after graduation attended Texas Wesleyan University where she received her M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy.

During her first job after licensure, she was offered an opportunity to be lead therapist for a dual diagnosis program, which is where she realized her desire to specialize in working with individuals, couples, and families impacted by substance abuse.  Her experience working in hospital settings and residential rehabilitation programs was extremely valuable, but she decided she wanted to expand the focus of treatment to the entire system instead of the individual model. Using the same eagerness to learn, she maintains curiosity about patient experience and works to empower clients to take ownership of their stories and lives.

When she is not at Lifeworks, she enjoys spending time with her pets, getting in a round of golf with her soon to be husband, cooking, baking, hosting dinner parties, reading, and visiting family when she can.

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