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Laura Abbott Coan

dallas psychotherapeutic yoga teacher
Laura Abbott Coan
Yoga Therapist
Dallas Office
Specialties: ADHD, Adolescents, Anxiety Disorders, Ayurveda & Lifestyle, Body Picking, Complex Trauma Recovery, Depression, Eating Disorders, Insomnia, Meditation, Mindfulness Training, Psychotherapeutic Yoga, PTSD Recovery, Stress Management, Trichotillomania, Women's Issues, Yoga Therapy

A certified yoga therapist, Laura uses yoga therapy – breath-centric yoga – as a means to heal the whole person by directly affecting the nervous system. She specializes in yoga as a lifestyle working with addictions, trauma and eating disorders.

Laura has been practicing and teaching yoga for 15 years and has recently become a certified Ayurvedic Counselor. These two therapies combined create a gentle way to heal body mind and spirit. As a mother of two wild boys, she is on a constant mission for balance in all areas of life! She brings real-life experience to her teachings with simple and effective practices.

Laura works with kids, teens, adults, and couples and is a member of the faculty at The LISPY School for psychotherapeutic yoga.


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