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Mark Shoemaker

Mark Shoemaker is a marriage counselor in plano, tx
Mark Shoemaker
LPC Intern - Supervised by Jack Dickerson, LPC-S
Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Christian Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Depression, Major Depression, Marriage Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Men's Issues, Relationship Issues, Suicidal Thoughts

Relationship and marriage counselor Mark Shoemaker works with couples and individuals with anger management, anxiety, depression, shame, identity, spiritual concerns, relationship concerns, and trauma. He has a strong desire to help others find healing and hope in the midst of some of the toughest problems life can throw at you. Mark’s goal is to create a place where others feel understood and loved and he is excited to do that as a part of the Lifeologie family.

Mark is committed to creating a safe, encouraging and supportive space for his clients to feel accepted, validated and understood. He sees each unique situation and life journey as an opportunity for personal growth and development. His dedication to the powerful and transformative counselor-client relationship is rooted in his own personal journey.

Mark was raised in a small Southeast Texas town called Newton, Texas. Through his years of being a youngster you could have found Mark on any given day playing football, baseball, or hanging out with friends. Growing up in Newton had its ups and downs for Mark, but college is where he started to form his identity and personhood. This huge transition and everything that came with it created a lot of self-doubt, insecurity, and shame in Mark. It wasn’t until he developed really close friendships and started his own personal therapy with a therapist who all encouraged and supported him that he started to work through the self-doubt, insecurity, and shame. Because of the power of those friendships, therapy, meaningful conversations, and transformation that took place in his life, Mark was inspired to pursue counseling.

After Mark graduated Stephen F. Austin State University (Axe em’ Jacks!) with a degree in Psychology, he went on to study Biblical Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. Alongside his studies at DTS, which he loved every minute of, he had the opportunity to do something else he loves, travel the world! Over the last year of his studies at DTS Mark traveled to the Virgin Islands, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, Australia, and his personal favorite, Switzerland! Mark enjoys interacting with the people he meets everywhere he goes and loves exploring new places, people, and conversations. During his off time, Mark will probably have his nose deep in a new book, traveling, hanging out with friends, or just chilling with his wife watching the newest season of Suits.  

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