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Matt Edge

Matt Edge Counselor in Dallas TX
Matt Edge
Masters Level Intern
Fees: $55 for a 50-minute session
Specialties: Counseling for Athletes, Health & Nutrition, Stress Management

Matt is a masters level intern specializing in sports, short-term and chronic injuries, nutrition and wellness, and all things related to anxiety. As someone who was thrown into a variety of different sports from an early age, Matt understands the pressure and performance anxiety that can come as a result of wanting to be the best possible. Additionally, as someone who has struggled with chronic injuries as a result of being involved in sports, Matt understands the impact injuries can have on a person’s life both mentally and physically.

From an early age, Matt always knew he wanted to go into a career field that allowed him to help people. Way before he knew anything about counseling, Matt set a goal to always try to make the people around him happier, whether that be through trying to make someone laugh, giving a needed compliment, or simply just being there for someone. It wasn’t until Matt stumbled into a high school AP psychology class that counseling became the career focus. What started out as a random elective set by a high school advisor turned into a lifelong passion to help people currently in the darkest moments of their lives to find their light again. Matt eventually graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Texas. With a graduation date set for August, Matt is eager to get out and help as many people as possible. Although a lot has changed, Matt still strives to make each person he interacts with just a little bit happier, and counseling provides him a perfect opportunity to live out that goal.

When he’s not busy being a counselor, Matt can often be found looking for the next adrenaline spike. From bungee jumping to sky diving, to running a marathon, Matt is always striving to push past his comfort zone in order to grow as a person and enjoy his life as much as humanly possible.

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