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Misty Diaz

Misty Diaz
Life Coach
Dallas Office
$105 per 50 minute session
Specialties: Addiction & Substance Abuse, Bipolar Disorder, career counseling, Family Issues, LGBTQ & Gender Issues, Marriage & Gender, Mental Health Issues, Self Harm, Sexual Identity, Trauma & Abuse Recovery

A first-hand specialist in veterans issues, Misty is a Post-9/11 retired veteran who specializes in the “now what??” post-service transition period for veterans and their families. Having struggled herself during her post-service acclimation piqued, her desire to be a resource for fellow veterans. 

Misty is continuously grateful for knowing her passion in psychology since high school after reading Three Faces of Eve. She obtained her first masters in counseling in human relations (MHR) from OU while on active duty prior to an unexpected early medical retirement due to severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). After 14 years of service as an Aerographer’s Mate (Meteorology & Oceanography) and an extensive absence from Texas, she returned to root her family.

A Texas native, Misty is the first-born daughter to teen parents, which resulted in adoption to provide appropriate medical care for kidney failure when she was only 3. At age 12, she experienced the loss of her adoptive father whom she believes to be her spirit guide. Her continuous struggle with identity and belonging ignited an early quest of soul searching. At the age of 19 she enlisted in the Navy immediately following 9/11, where she thrived in a structured environment.

Her successful military career came to an unexpected termination following a psychotic break from late onset schizoaffective disorder due to trauma. In-patient psychiatric units and rehabilitation centers are familiar to Misty from both sides of the counter. 

Today, Misty resides in Dallas with her toddler son and continues to strengthen her family relationships. She pursues her passion in counseling, eager to join with others in their journey when life’s challenges become overwhelming. Misty welcomes anyone who is ready for change. “If you have read this far, I am already proud of you for seeking help and I wish you well in your pursuit of happiness.” 

She is an avid yogi, in class and solo on her patio. She routinely connects with the universe through mediation and walking barefoot at every opportunity. She is a self-proclaimed bookworm and enjoys non-fiction ranging from biographies to spirituality. Hulu favorites include everything from I Love Lucy to Seinfeld. She is a graduate student in the marriage and family therapy program at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, TX.

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