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Misty Diaz

Misty Diaz is a counselor in Dallas Texas
Misty Diaz
LMFT Associate
Dallas Office
Specialties: Addiction & Substance Abuse, Bipolar Disorder, career counseling, Family Issues, LGBTQ & Gender Issues, Marriage & Gender, Mental Health Issues, Self Harm, Sexual Identity, Trauma & Abuse Recovery, Yoga Therapy

We have all experienced trauma. And, many of us did not receive an emotional foundation. Your emotions are looking for a way to express themselves. Let’s explore and learn to manage them. We will stabilize day-to-day life to create a safe environment then explore the root of the traumas. Learn to recognize triggers and manage emotions with healthy coping skills. Now is the time to break patterns that no longer work for you. Our work together will transform you out of survival mode to living in the present. I am EMDR trained and incorporate psychotherapeutic yoga, CBT, DBT, attachment, and neuropsychology into a holistic approach.

I am a Texas native and retired Navy veteran. Severe military PTSD presented a difficult acclimation into civilian society. I yearned for stability and spiritual grounding. My struggles manifested into specializing in psychosis, suicide & severe mood disorders. I have experience with veterans, LGBTQ+, families, couples, and individuals. Teletherapy (Remote Counseling) is also available.

At Lifeologie Counseling, the modality of our work is to build a treatment plan in a holistic aspect ensuring to encompass a unity between the mind, body, and soul. The combinations of therapies offered provide a well-rounded life rehabilitation. Misty holds two master’s degrees and is currently a Doctoral Student (Ph.D.) at Texas Wesleyan University.

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