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Nicolette Aguon

Nicolette Aguon Couples Counselor in Oak Cliff
Nicolette Aguon
Masters Level Intern
Oak Cliff
Specialties: ADHD, Christian Counseling, Codependency Issues, Couples Counseling, Family Issues, LGBTQ & Gender Issues, Special Needs

In any environment that I am in, diversity and inclusivity are the two items I always look for. From first-hand experience, I know how it might feel when you walk into a room and there is no one present that looks like you. Relatability is vital. As a therapist, I believe there is so much power in allowing everyone to have a seat at the table, no matter your beliefs, abilities, etc. In the therapy room, I make it my top priority to see everyone as who they are right there in that moment. I love to meet people where they are at and work collaboratively with them to cultivate an essence of resiliency. My passion for therapy is an eclectic combination of both my background and diverse life experiences. 

Many times when someone is diagnosed with a major illness/disease, medical treatment planning is sought after, but not always mental health therapy. From my own personal experience, I have seen with my own eyes the dramatic impact such diagnosis can not only have on an individual but their entire family system. From this experience, I have the utmost respect and compassion towards anyone of any age who takes on the role of caregiving, especially unplanned. I desire to be a therapist in the room who can help remove that load of caregiving and thoughts of ‘what next’, even if it is just for that hour. I believe there is an insurmountable amount of resiliency inside everyone; we just need to cultivate it!

At the core of my work is resiliency; even if life doesn’t play out the way we expect, how are you showing up for yourself today? Whether or not it’s a major diagnosis, I wholeheartedly believe my work is applicable to many specialties. My passions extend beyond medical issues & diagnosis and include special needs, major life transitions, LGBTQ+, Family Therapy, Couples Counseling, Codependency, ADHD, and Christian Counseling.

When I am not seeing clients, I am most likely catching up on a podcast episode (I am a junkie for podcasts!). I am passionate about raising awareness about organ donation and have spent some time this year continuing these efforts. On the weekends I enjoy catching up with family & friends and serving in the children’s ministry at my church.  

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