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Shannon Watterson

childrens counseling
Shannon Watterson
Masters Level Intern
Fort Worth
$55 per 50 minute session
Specialties: ADHD, Bullying, Child Counseling, Child or Play Therapy, Conduct Discorder, Kids, Teens & Tweens, Oppositional Defiance, Parenting, Tweens & Teens

Shannon enjoys working with kids through childrens’ counseling, play therapy and other age-appropriate expressive therapies. Children communicate by creating elaborate stories about the world around them and express their deepest feelings with profound, innocent honesty. For children, play is their natural language and toys are their words. Being able to get on their level and discover their inner worlds can be a turning point in their development. 

Shannon was born and raised in Texas, spending the majority of her life in Arlington. She received her Bachelor’s degree at Texas Wesleyan University in Psychology.  While working at Career Services during her undergrad years, she was able to observe and volunteer at different counseling facilities. This experience allowed her to see people from different walks of life, and to discover her passion for helping others. Shannon is now working to complete her Masters in Counseling at Southern Methodist University and is ecstatic to join the Lifeworks team. 

Shannon was raised by a hard-working father and a hard-working stay at home mother who knew the importance of an education. They decided to homeschool her when she fell behind her peers in school. Shannon’s mother treated people with empathy, patience, and unconditional understanding – teaching Shannon that acceptance can improve the outcome of anyone’s experiences. 

Her father taught her to achieve the desires of her heart by adapting to each situation and by knowing that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it is okay to walk away. Through the influence of these key figures in her life, Shannon has maintained a positive outlook and offers unconditional acceptance to those she meets. 

Shannon believes people cannot change their past or plan everything out for the future — but that the only control we have is in this moment and through it bravely, even when we’re afraid.  Shannon believes that individuals have the power to deal with anything that stands in their way.  

In her free time, Shannon can be found creating handcrafted quilts, binge-watching shows and movies on Netflix, traveling to explore new places and cultures, horseback riding, and dancing around acting a fool to see a smile on loved one’s faces. 

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