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Equine Therapy Assistant
Dallas & Park Cities
Fee: one carrot per session
Specialties: Equine Therapy

When LifeWorker Abbie Chesney adopted Sparrow – a beautiful retired racehorse – she didn’t anticipate he would become an equine therapy assistant.  Sparrow spent much of his time standing in the back of his stall with his nose in the corner.  On a hunch, Abbie moved him to a more active part of the barn, at which point his depression lifted and his love for carrots returned.

Sparrow was named in honor of Abbie’s friend Carter Albrecht (Carter once fronted a band named Sparrow) in tribute to the positive impact he had on those around him.

Sparrow is our equine therapy assistant.  He is a kind, gentle soul who loves his work.   After his rapid recovery from depression, he’s sure to understand your pain as well.

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