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Sweta Ahuja

Sweta Ahuja
Dallas & Fort Worth
Specialties: Addiction & Substance Abuse, Adulting, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Biracial Couples, Borderline Personality, Codependency Issues, Couples Counseling, Cross-Cultural Relationships, Depression, EMDR, Families & Mental Illness, Men's Issues, Multi-Cultural Issues, Quarter-Life Issues, Relationship Issues, Schizophrenia, Women's Issues, Young Adults in Transition

Sweta (SWAAAAAY-THA according to her 5-yr old nephew) is a first-generation, native Texan.  She specializes in working with first- generations, male depression, perfectionism, adult children with aging parents and families impacted by severe mental illness.  Drawing from the mind-body connection, she combines talk therapy with mindfulness and is EMDR trained.

Sweta views counseling as an unfolding collaborative process.  She enjoys working with adults of all ages struggling with life transitions, anger, ADHD, love addictions, adjusting to marriage, lack of enjoyment, cultural issues, anxiety, and codependency.

A fidgety child with a need to express herself, Sweta began dancing at 4 years old and fell in love with everything Bollywood.  She spent most of her childhood and adolescence choreographing performances in her garage and navigating the colorful terrain of living in a big fat Indian household.   Her experiences being Indian American have sparked her desire to help others create an authentic sense of self, live boldly, and maintain individuality in the midst of familial conflict.

Hooked after her first High School AP Psych class, she eagerly pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Although she found research fascinating and could probably have made some serious money selling her undergrad notes, she knew she wanted to work more closely with real life issues impacting her community and the people closest to her.  She received her Master’s in community mental health counseling from the University of North Texas.

Struggling with being pulled in two different cultural directions herself, Sweta gets the pressure of needing to fit in, please everyone, and be perfect — but has come to understand that life is messy and there is no such thing as THE right or wrong path.  She values connecting with each person’s unique story while uncovering and moving through the sources of pain and stuck-ness each person has found on their journey so far.   She enjoys empowering men, women, and couples to express their deepest concerns and create more satisfying connections.

Still an aspiring Bollywood dancer at heart, Sweta finds solace in dancing, running after her nieces and nephews, and spending time with her parents, fiancé (not wedding planning), dog-child and tribe.  She’s trying on the idea of making her own jewelry and dreams of owning a coffee shop one day.

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