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Allison Wagner

Allison Wagner

LPC-Intern, LCDC-Intern; Supervised by

Melanie Wells, LPC-S

Dallas Office
 $90 per 50 min session
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Allison grew up in Jerusalem, Israel as an MK – that’s missionary kid to you rookies out there. Born and raised there until age 14, Allison knew home as a patchwork of international culture. Camels, friends from around the world, and hide-and-seek among ancient ruins were the norm during her childhood and teen years. It was this part of her journey that led to her desire to work with adolescents and young adults as they find their way in a complicated world.

Allison’s own experiences of being an American overseas and moving back to the States have given her insights into issues of identity development and belonging. After some awkward high school years (American slang was a whole new language and don’t even start about pop music), Allison became a Sooner at the University of Oklahoma obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Human Relations with a minor in Art History.

After graduation, Allison returned to Dallas and worked at a non-profit, taking high school students and young adults on trips around the world to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Romania, and the United States. Through this time Allison realized her love of walking with others as they were asking the big questions of purpose, identity, faith, and significant relationships.

The more time Allison spent mentoring young adults, the clearer it became to pursue her longtime dream of becoming a counselor. Through her own experiences of being affected by divorce, navigating a blended family, pursuing belonging in new environments, and seeking identity in the midst of transitions, Allison has a passion to work with people as they are healing from past wounds, seeking identity, and navigating relationships. Allison is a graduate of TWU’s Master’s in Counseling & Development program, with a Clinical Mental Health focus.

Allison is also an artist and you can often find her working on a new acrylic piece – some of which are featured around our Dallas office!

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