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Calvin Burns

Calvin grew up right here in Dallas in the Lake Highlands area. When he was younger he was very shy which fueled his passion for technology and gaming. It was not until high school that he came out of his bubble and joined the schools band along with the country western dance team. He loves to go two-stepping with his friends and also appreciates his time alone when he plays alto saxophone. When he is not reading for a class he enjoys: exercise, Netflix, eating Italian food, or relaxing with friends.

The desire to become a counselor started at an early age for Calvin. The interest sparked when he could see the incredible change it was making in his own life. While struggling with anger, fear, sadness, and family issues he was unable to handle all that life had thrown his way. Throughout the counseling process he began to see change in his self-esteem, interactions with others, anger, and his sadness. Despite the hard times that are surely to come, Calvin believes and can testify to how counseling has made a positive influence on his life.

Calvin went to Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas and achieved a BA in Psychology and a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. After graduating Calvin returned home to Dallas Texas and began his Master’s in counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. When he began his internship here at LifeWorks he said “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel” because he is one step closer to being in the career that he has always wanted.

One of Calvin’s unique gifts is his unwavering hope for others. This is something that drives him in his practice of counseling. Coupled with his deep compassion for others Calvin is certain that each individual person has the potential to overcome different obstacles they may have. He specializes in depression, addictions, drug abusive families, relationship issues, and those who struggle with the effects of divorce. Coming from a strong Christian background and the equipping of DTS Calvin is also available to those who are seeking Christian counseling. Despite the issue Calvin is ready and willing to walk alongside you to guide and equip you through the counseling process!

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