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Cortney Edwards

Cortney grew up the youngest of four siblings in the small town of Godley, Texas. Small town life allowed her the freedom to participate in just about whatever sport interested her – so naturally she chose all of them. However, her mother eventually provided some focus by sticking a tennis racquet in Cortney’s hand and pairing her with her brother. With mom as coach, Cortney and her brother were able to make it to the state tournament twice.

Cortney studied communications at Tarleton State University, with an emphasis in broadcast journalism. She also has a minor in Spanish and studied abroad in Spain during a summer semester. (‘Que viva España!!) She played on Tarleton’s Elite flag football team, traveling with the team to other colleges to compete in tournaments. She was also part of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority.

Upon graduation in 2012, Cortney was offered the catering manager position at Blue Mesa Grill, the restaurant where she has worked since she was 15 years old. She accepted the position and began spending her time building and training staff, working with the management team, marketing to potential customers, and of course focusing on hospitality for the guests. She learned about relating and working with people on many different levels throughout her experience in the restaurant industry.

It was this management experience that convinced her to follow her interest in creating relationships with people, so she applied to Tarleton State University Masters in Counseling program and started her journey to become a therapist. As a Licensed Professional Counselor intern at LifeWorks, Cortney – known to Lifeworkers as C-mac – is eager to trot out those people skills and help whoever comes her way.

Cortney’s experience in the food and restaurant industry has given her a unique empathy for employees of the service industry – a workplace infiltrated with sensory overload and opportunity for addiction.  An 8-hour shift can require an additional 2 hours of decompression. Dating outside the industry feels impossible.

Cortney is also interested in working with survivors of chaotic families – those underparented individuals who are trying to learn some of the basics, such as conflict management, socialization, making time for self, healthy play, and boundaries. Cortney can help you identify old family messages and needed skills that could be tripping you up.

Cortney supports individuals who are transitioning to a new life plan — folks who have thrived in the working world and have a wall dedicated to achievements, yet still do not feel fulfilled.  She is also studying psychotherapeutic yoga in our LISPY 200 hour advanced psychotherapeutic yoga program.

Though she is a Texas girl at heart, Cortney spent many childhood summers in Washington State, where her mother’s side of the family is from. She loves being in the mountains and exploring the beauty of nature. She’s also way into snowboarding – find her a mountain and she can climb it or ride her board to the bottom. Take your pick.

Cortney enjoys spending time with her new family, including her baby daughter, Journey-bird!

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