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Jessica Latchaw

Jessica was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. Daughter of two loving parents, she grew up in a large extended family whose loud, crazy family gatherings are still some of her favorite events. Whether it’s monthly family dinners or tamale making parties around Christmas, her family keeps her entertained.

Jessica left Fort Worth to attend Texas A&M University (whoop!) She loved the traditions but struggled to find her tribe until she became involved with the music organization on campus (and resident hippies of Texas A&M). Through this organization – called Town Hall – she found her second loud and crazy family and she never looked back.

As part of her degree in International Studies, Jessica lived in Valparaiso, Chile for a semester. She has always loved to travel. Her experience in South America only added to that passion. Jessica loves to experience new cultures and meet new people. She believes we are all much more similar than we are different — a belief that is reinforced every time she visits a new place.

Her time at Texas A&M brought wonderful growth and new experiences. It is also where her passion to work with the college-aged population began. Fast forward a few years and Jessica was accepted into the graduate counseling program at University of North Texas. She is inspired by the work that can happen in a counseling relationship and strives to create a safe and accepting environment for all her clients. She enjoys working with individuals, couples, and adolescents dealing with life transitions, grief, substance use, anxiety, and depression. She also has a passion for women’s and LGBTQ issues as well as client’s struggling with negative body image.

When she’s not lifeworking, Jessica loves spending time with her husband and their pets (2 dogs and 4 accidental cats –it’s a long story). She also loves cooking, watching TV and movies, laughing as loud as possible, practicing yoga, traveling (she is currently working on visiting all 7 continents and all 50 states), and doing her best to remember to live this one life to its fullest.

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