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Jody Rich

Jody uses evidence based techniques from a range of therapeutic approaches to walk with her clients on their journey towards well-being.

Her areas of interest are: navigating life stage transitions (big change happened–what do I do now?), relationship breakup or divorce, recovery (never let a good crisis go to waste), re-partnering after breakup recovery (I don’t want to make the same mistakes again),
betrayal bonding (why do I choose relationships with abusers?),
alienation and disconnection (I can see what my friends are doing 24/7 on social media, why do I feel more alone than ever?),
navigating relationships with narcissists or other high conflict people (partners, parents, bosses),
grief and loss (comes in many forms),
“sandwich generation” issues (those caring for relatives in generations above and below),
attachment issues that can arise in relationships (I love them so much, why am I so unhappy?),
recovery for family members of alcoholics/addicts (whatever I’ve tried, it hasn’t worked),
depression, anxiety, and compulsive behaviors.

Jody has found that there are turning points in life where we find ourselves being “re-potted,” planted into larger containers for growth either by choice or circumstance. Her clients come to her with the growing pains generated by these golden opportunities; opportunities that may not seem all that golden at the time. She calls these struggles and challenges “mysterious gifts” that reveal their transformative purpose when explored and understood within the larger and completely compassionate context that therapy offers.

Psychotherapy is a second career for Jody, after many years as a successful small business owner. Her Masters in Counseling degree from St. Edward’s University “re-potted” her unique personal qualifications and life experience for use in service of the healing process. She respects the natural buoyancy of the psychological immune system and works with clients to identify and amplify their core strengths. Like Carl Rogers, she believes that the seed of who we are already knows and yearns for the conditions that will allow us to flourish.  Jody understands that collaborative therapy can be the first time many clients experience the growth conditions that allow for clients to feel safe and supported in their desire grow into the unique person they were meant to be.

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