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Katie Donovan

Katie is devoted to creating a safe, compassionate and supportive space for her clients to feel accepted, validated and understood. She sees each situation and life journey as a unique opportunity for personal growth and empowerment.

Born and raised in Plano, Texas, Katie grew up in a loving and nurturing household. But, that didn’t stop the childhood fears of “monsters under my bed” from following her into adolescence and developing into legitimate feelings of anxiety and depression. After years of dealing with the ups and downs of this, Katie sought help of her own through counseling and a different approach: psychotherapeutic yoga. Katie knows and has experienced firsthand the positive impact that counseling and yoga can have on a person’s life. That is what lead her to the Lifeologie Institute, and why she has made it her life purpose to give that to other people.

Katie attended The University of Oklahoma where she originally intended to study Nursing. After quickly finding out that blood and science were not her forte she switched over to Social Work (a lot less blood, way more papers). After graduating with her Bachelor’s in Social Work in 2014, Katie went on to get her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington with a direct practice in children and families. Currently, Katie is a Licensed Master Social Worker, working on getting her LCSW to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and is also studying at the Lifeologie Institute School of Psychotherapeutic Yoga to become a Psychotherapeutic Yoga Instructor!

Through her personal experience, Katie believes that she possesses the empathy and unconditional positive regard it takes to be a trustworthy and authentic counselor. She strives to cultivate a counseling relationship with each of her clients built on communication, commitment, and understanding. Katie believes that everyone has something special and good about them and works hard to help her clients uncover it. She loves to empower her clients (and people in general) to be their best selves by helping them become aware of their inherent strengths. In addition to using therapeutic activities, she incorporates positive thinking, mindfulness, and breathing techniques into her work with clients.

On her off hours, Katie enjoys exploring all that Austin has to offer (she just moved here!) by being outside, meeting new people, eating at the local hotspots, and listening to live music. She also enjoys reading, working on DIY projects, and continuing her personal growth through yoga and meditation.

She is thrilled to be part of the Lifeologie family, exploring issues surrounding self-worth, shame/guilt, depression, anxiety, feeling stuck, and stress management by using therapeutic techniques and also mindfulness, meditation, and yoga!

Katie works with adolescents/young adults struggling with feeling stuck or need stress management and positive coping skills, and also pre-teen/teenage girls with self-worth issues or anxiety and depression that need positive coping skills. And really just people of all ages who are wanting to make changes and might need some help getting started.

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