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Kelly L. Pedersen

Kelly specializes in using evidence-based practices, including EMDR, as well as spiritual counseling to teach anger control, couples’s skills, and to treat trauma, heartache emergencies, bad love things and handle toxic situations.

Love cannot attack. You might be mistakenly claiming to love someone else. While it may be true that we regularly express signs of affection toward customers or friends, we sometimes respond hatefully to the people by our side. We cannot be both hateful and loving. If we withhold love and affirmation from one we are withholding them from everyone. It is a simple principle and it holds true in every instance. We can decide to think more about love and we can monitor more carefully how we treat people. While it is true that we have to want to do our part, it is also true we will always get what we ask for.

Anger control:

It is difficult to imagine a non-aggressive world. We may wonder what good it would do if we gave up our aggression, our desires to attack others. In a world such as this one, wouldn’t we be taken advantage of?

The point of giving up attack thoughts is for the reward that’s guaranteed. You’ll discover a peacefulness you have never known when you relinquish your attack thoughts. You have to decide if we want peace, of course, and if you haven’t experienced it very often, you may not appreciate its value. Give up all attack feelings for this one day. How will it feel?

Individual services:

Admitting to a “split mind” seems unsound. But if you consider how dramatically different you feel on some occasions than others, maybe you’ll understand this concept better. We have all experienced moments of rage, when we desperately wanted to hurt someone, and we have felt utter compassion for a friend, sometimes within the same hour. How can the same mind embody such opposite feelings? It is because our minds are split between ego and Spirit. We can soon realize we can rely on one part or the other for our response in every situation. Which one you choose makes all the difference in how the situation unfolds.

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