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Laura Harrison

Laura moved to Texas when she was 3 and after many years has decided that she’s gonna stay. Married to a Texas native she is proud to call the Lone Star State home and can even sing (most) of the Texas State Song. She has three children – 2 grown and one that believes that he is. Laura has had many jobs over the years – graphic designer, headhunter, curriculum writer, barista and now counselor – but one thing all her jobs had in common was that they were centered around making connections with people and building relationship.

Laura developed a passion for teens and young adults when she was working with the youth group at her church. As a counselor, Laura loves working with teens and young adults as they work to find direction and launch into adulthood. During her time at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County, she realized the impact that involving the whole family in treatment can have when working with individuals who have been impacted by trauma, abuse or neglect. Her desire is to help parents and children build stronger communication, trust and respect for one another.

On free weekends, she can often be found relaxing in her hammock reading a book or maybe on a paintball field. She has recently taken up the hobby of photographing her son’s competitive paintball team (yes… competitive paintball is a thing… check it out!)

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