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Ly Tran

Ly is a master of conflict. While marriage is his specialty, he helps clients deal with a full range of conflicts. That means conflicts with family, conflicts with friends, conflicts in church, conflicts with God, and yes, even conflicts within yourself. Not sure what that means? Things like depression, resentment, anxiety, guilt, and grief are just few examples.

Imagine a person with freakishly analytical skills, a person with a high level of emotional awareness, and a person that’s driven by a deep passion to see people transformed and changed. Now mash all three people together and that’s who you get with Ly as your counselor. While Ly could focus on a number of different areas of counseling, he’s most passionate about helping marriages because he believes the relationship between husband and wife is the foundational building block for our society. Even the smallest positive change in a marriage can have the biggest impact on a family for generations to come.

Ly’s (Lee) story really began before he was even born as his family narrowly escaped death fleeing war-torn Vietnam in 1975.  Ly’s life is a story is a testament to how God is deeply interested in taking broken people and making them new and full of hope again.   Being born and raised in the Houston area, going to college in San Antonio, and now living in Dallas, Ly is and always will be a Texan at heart.

After spending a couple years as an IT consultant, Ly discovered he enjoyed helping people solve their personal problems more than solving their technology problems.  He attended Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned his Master or Arts in Biblical Counseling in 2007.

Over the past 10 years, Ly has found his passion and gifting in the area of marriage counseling and helping couples learn how to not only resolve their conflicts well, but to use conflict as a means to build deeper intimacy.  Ly’s specializes in working with couples that are stuck having the same fights over and over again and particularly those that need help figuring out what it is that they’re really fighting about.

Ly is also a collector of experiences and expertise.  He’s one of the Pastors at Chase Oaks Church in Plano, TX where he oversees counseling and support groups.  He’s also back in school working on his Doctorate in Marriage and Family Ministry at Dallas Seminary.  And because he’s passionate about building and creating, his also an entrepreneur.  Having started businesses in real estate and food service, Ly is now combining all his areas of passion (counseling, ministry, and business) by building Lifeologie Counseling practices.

Ly is founder of the Watershed Group which develops continuing educational programs for counselors with a vision to help develop the highest caliber counselors in the metroplex.  He’s also formed the Sweet Deeds Project, a non-profit partnership that helps to fund projects that make a difference in our community, both locally and globally.

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