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Mark Luff

Mark was about four years old when he was playing in his front yard in suburban Chicago that he realized that he could do anything with his life if he decided he wanted to do it. Other kids were certain that they wanted to be firefighters, doctors, astronauts, famous actors, or writers, but Mark found he was most interested in understanding people themselves. Their stories regarding their relationships, hobbies, adventures, and heartbreaks colored his world. At an early age he was found sitting on the countertop listening to his next door neighbor’s mother talk about her frustrations at work while all the kids were off playing video games. While many things in his life changed since he was four, his care for people and his interest in their stories hasn’t wavered.

In order to learn more about how people function Mark enrolled at Texas A&M where he received a BA in Psychology. He is currently a Masters student at Dallas Theological Seminary where he is studying counseling. In addition to his educational experience he also worked for a church where he enjoyed the opportunity to guide college students through making and coping with major life decisions. He also lived abroad in Greece for a year offering similar services to college students in another culture and so has not only the benefit of an international perspective on lifestyle but an appreciation for the challenges and stresses of living in an unfamiliar environment.

Throughout these experiences, Mark has observed that in ours and many other cultures people receive basic education on caring for their physical health. We all know that if we break a bone, we should go to the doctor to have it set. If we get a shallow cut we should wash it and bandage it. We know that a healthy diet and regular exercise go a long way for helping us have a longer life. We know a lot, and yet we still struggle to find true joy and satisfaction in life. What we are lacking is a basic knowledge of how to care for ourselves when we are emotionally wounded. Mark has experienced the benefits of developing such skills for his own emotional health through participating in counseling where he learned to interrupt his automatic negative thoughts and over time regained the ability to choose courses of action that better fit his beliefs and values.

Mark loves to see others benefit from gaining skills that facilitate their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. He enjoys working with individuals dealing with addictions, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, as well as helping people find a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives and pursue their goals accordingly. With the additional component of theological training from his master’s degree, Mark can also provide counseling for those with spiritual considerations. Whatever challenges you are facing in life, please don’t try to go it alone. Come see Mark, he is ready to come along side you to work through your difficulties and help you reach your goals.

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