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Melanie Wells

After eight long years of rock-busting in conventional counseling practices, Melanie Wells founded The LifeWorks Group in 1999 to offer clients a fresh, innovative approach to the everyday problems of life. Since that inauspicious beginning (we had two pleather chairs, a broken copier and about $7 in the bank) LifeWorks has trained hundreds of interns and helped tens of thousands of families in the DFW area.

Melanie is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is a clinical fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, a clinical member of the American Counseling Association, and an approved LPC and LMFT supervisor.

Melanie’s specialty is marital therapy – particularly last ditch marriage counseling. She enjoys taking on the trickiest, stickiest relationship issues after couples have all but given up. She also works with a variety of other issues, including spousal abuse, women’s issues, chronic illness, and divorce recovery. Melanie works in The LifeWorks Group’s Dallas office.

Melanie serves as The LifeWorks Group’s clinical director, overseeing cases and consulting and collaborating with the entire staff on a weekly basis – in addition to being available for intern consults 24/7, as are all senior clinicians at The Lifeworks Group. She also serves as our creative director, and is responsible for all of LifeWorks’ creative output, including this website and those wacky ads you’ve been seeing around Uptown and Ft. Worth and on Facebook.

After growing up in the Texas panhandle in a family of musicians, she attended SMU on a music scholarship (she’s a fiddle player), graduated with an English degree and headed for graduate school, mainly because there’s nothing else to do with an English degree and she couldn’t deal with the thought of being a poor musician for the rest of her life (and yes, she knows that was a run-on sentence). While studying theology at Dallas Theological Seminary, she took her first counseling course and was hooked. She later helped to found and develop DTS’s MA in Biblical Counseling program and taught in the counseling department there. She holds an MA in Biblical Studies from DTS as well as a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy, from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, where she also taught as a member of the adjunct faculty.

In addition to leading The LifeWorks Group, Melanie still plays a mean fiddle and is the author of several best-selling novels, including the acclaimed Dylan Foster trilogy — When the Day of Evil Comes, The Soul Hunter, and My Soul to Keep (Random House).

To get more information on Melanie or make an appointment, call 214.357.4001. Or you can email her at

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