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Emma Frankel

Emma Frankel Health Coach Raleigh
Emma Frankel
Health Coach Intern
Specialties: Health & Wellness, Lifestyle Changes, Nutrition Coaching

Hi there, Emma here! I am a young and energetic 26-year old who loves the human body and nutrition. I grew up in Southern Louisiana and have had a passion for the outdoors, exercising, and food since I was a young girl! Swimming competitively through high school, I would say that I was a very active kid. When I reached high school, I loved taking science and exercise classes and was a part of my school’s sports medicine team. I loved working with athletes to help them on and off the field. After high school, I worked full time in the aquatics industry coaching swimmers and working with water therapy clients as I made my way through community college. All of those experiences have now led me to work on my official Health Coaching certification and continuing my education at East Carolina University as an Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Sciences major! Prior to my education, I have supported several adults achieve their long term health and wellness goals. 

My specialty area is Health and Wellness Coaching! I help clients with nutrition education, weight loss goals, improved lab results via nutritional intervention, and overall lifestyle health changes. I work with clients to learn the ins and outs of nutrition through nutrition education strategies. Nutrition can be overwhelming and complicated to understand but I can help! I am here to help you learn about nutrition and how to incorporate those healthy lifestyle changes into your daily routine to promote long term health and wellness success! 

I have the most experience working with adults. However, nutrition is critical at all ages and I would love to work with a child or teen as well. Teaching the younger generation now will be so important to their future health and understanding of foods and nutrition! Ask me how I can help you incorporate nutrition education and healthy eating choices into your family’s daily routine! 

My philosophy is to promote an open mind and to educate others. I always say you never know till you try, RIGHT?! The body can do amazing things when we give it the right fuel. Food is so amazing for our bodies and there is so much our current adult and child population does not know about. I cannot wait to help you meet your health and wellness goals! I want to help you and our community learn about how food is not only our lifeline but our path to health and wellness.


  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Adult Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Lifestyle Changes