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Telehealth Counseling

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we are offering online (Telehealth) counseling services at a sliding scale rate for a limited time only

During these extraordinary and unprecedented times, we want to help as many people as possible. In these challenging times when many of you have lost your job jobs and medical insurance and are feeling lonely, isolated, and unsupported, Lifeologie Counseling San Diego is here to help.

Everyone encounters difficult and hard to handle situations and issues at some time in their life, and it helps to have someone to talk to and to help you navigate through these challenging times. At Lifeologie/San Diego we are committed to providing high-quality psychotherapy that is backed by over twenty years of experience. We offer support in assisting you to solve your problems more effectively, make sound and healthy decisions, adjust more comfortably to change, and overcome emotional distress, by combining evidenced-based methods, comprehensive knowledge of current research, and most of all a compassionate partnership with each unique individual.  We will work with you to create personalized and supportive treatment goals.

We provide a safe space to process and explore your feelings and issues you are presently experiencing. From my own personal experiences and training; I know it’s not about getting rid of your ill thoughts and feelings, but rather learning how to manage them in a healthier way; learning how to have your thoughts and feelings work together rather than against each other. It is best to work through your issues rather than ignoring them or trying to push them aside.

Our mission during these challenging and unprecedented times is to make clinical counseling accessible, affordable, and convenient – so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can receive help anytime and anyplace.  Contact us to get started.