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What You Should Know About Online Counseling

Online counseling is nothing new but, in the day and age of 2020, it has become increasingly popular. Whether you’ve been on the fence about therapy in general or curious about making the switch from in-person to virtual sessions, we hope this blog serves as a resource to help you make the best decision for your mental health needs. 

What is online counseling?

Online counseling, also known as e-therapy, e-counseling, telemedicine, or telehealth, is the delivery of mental health services over the internet. Made possible with technology such as video-chatting, app-messaging, text-message, and email, online counseling is the modern-day approach to traditional talk therapy. 

With online counseling, the same professional, personable and specialized therapy services you deserve are accessible wherever and whenever you need them most. But that’s just scratching the surface on what makes e-therapy great!

The benefits of online counseling


First and foremost, online counseling is more convenient. Californians, specifically, can really benefit from the time-saving perks that come with telehealth. Most of us are busy enough as it is, and the average California resident spends 29.3 minutes each way of their commute. The time it takes to get to and from work may just be the difference between whether you think you can fit a counseling session in your schedule or not. 

Online counseling helps you make the most of your already-limited time and it’s adaptable to any schedule. Your 50-minute session will only take 50-minutes of your time, not a minute more! And you decide where that time is spent. It’s your choice to have a session in the comfort of your bed before work, dressed in your pajamas in the evening, or in your kitchen mid-day with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in hand. All you need is a private location that has a secure and reliable internet connection.

Greater Accessibility

Online counseling breaks down common barriers that keep people from getting quality mental health care. Rural and remote areas don’t have enough, if any, qualified mental health professionals available. With tele-health, clinicians from other cities can provide support to individuals miles and miles away (sometimes even states away, depending on your state’s policy!). 

Because online counseling allows people to explore providers state-wide, it’s easier to not only find a clinician, but a more affordable one, too! Removing the physical limitations of receiving treatment allows you to shop a more broad selection of providers for a clinician that’s covered by your insurance and/or within your price-range. 


Speaking of counseling costs, there are managed-care and non-managed care insurance companies that offer reimbursement for virtual therapy! In addition, there are a number of Employment Assistance Programs (EAPs) that recognize the effectiveness of online counseling and reimburse users for these services.


Online counseling can offer more comfort, both physically and mentally, than traditional services. Not only can you attend sessions in your jammies or from your bed as we mentioned before, it also eliminates mental roadblocks if you don’t wish to embrace your healing journey publically. 

We can go on and on about how you should be proud of yourself for making this incredible step until we’re blue in the face (because, for real, you deserve a pat on the back, a hug and a high-five), but if you prefer as much privacy as possible, we get it! 

At Lifeologie, we realize that being open and honest about your most constant and persistent life struggles can be difficult. Tele-health takes away pre-appointment anxiety (“What if someone I know sees me walk into therapy?!”) and allows you to create your ideal space for sessions. Being in your preferred environment can enhance your therapy experience and adds a layer of comfort to the healing process.

You can start today

Remote therapy opens up more available time for both clients and counselors. And, since you don’t have to find a time that aligns with your schedule and our office hours, there’s no waitlist to book a session! 

Ready to give e-therapy a try? Request a session online or give us a call at (619) 450-1848.